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#294844 - 05/23/07 08:34 AM Sensitivity to light

I know they are sensitive to bright lights.. but how sensitive?

And how do I know if my glider's eyes are damaged by the bright lights?

I am aware that they are intelligent creatures, but I am only wondering if...they are capable of protecting or shielding their eyes from the bright light?

I don't really expose Kanji to the white bright light in my room and about the sunlight - no, never, I have never brought him out to the sun, and if I did, I covered his pouch with my hands. Anyway, his cage is covered with a white cloth (not really thin, not really thick)..

So, what does it exactly mean by, not exposing your glider to the white bright light?

#294864 - 05/23/07 09:05 AM Re: Sensitivity to light [Re: ]

I asked this question before, did some research and got a scientific answer. thumb They have pupils that can get LARGER than ours and let in more light (also the shape of the eye helps), that's why they can see BETTER in the dark. The pupil will close, like ours if looking into a bright light. So, there shouldn't be any damage unless they're looking at the sun (or equivilant)... like us! Avoid constant bright lights as it will damage the pupil eventually... but it's something like 20 hours of bright light a day, so don't worry too much.

They're just more comfortable in dim light because it doesn't strain their eyes. wink Does that help?

...I feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy. (Anyone remember him) roflmao

#294866 - 05/23/07 09:05 AM Re: Sensitivity to light [Re: ]

I've had my suggies in bright lights in the house - especially for clipping nails, checking teeth and things. And they've been outside in the sunlight - seems they always have to come out to investigate. Their eyes dilate, just like a regular animals, to adjust to changes in the light/dark. Minimal exposure is not going to hurt them... But it is uncomfortable. Kind of like when you turn on the light, or walk into the sunlight after being in the dark... Your eyes get watery and kind of stingy (is that a word?) until they adapt. Because their eyes are so large, it's more of a comfort thing. Plus, they don't see as well in bright lights. So don't freak if they happen to get caught in the sun... Just don't keep them there. smile

#294867 - 05/23/07 09:06 AM Re: Sensitivity to light [Re: ]

Amanda - looks like we were pulling from the same hat!!! Lol... smile

#294868 - 05/23/07 09:09 AM Re: Sensitivity to light [Re: ]

roflmao we were definately on the same page.

#294903 - 05/23/07 09:58 AM Re: Sensitivity to light [Re: ]

cool Thanks for the info I have been woundering about that, my little guy loves to come out when we are out and about and I have been afraid that the sun might hurt his eyes.

Mom to Giz

#295950 - 05/23/07 10:08 PM Re: Sensitivity to light [Re: ]

Hey, thanks a lot for all your very accurate answers... well, at least, I am satisfied.

Now I know I do not have to worry about Kanji out in bright lights sometimes...

Thanks thanks a lot!!! laugh


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