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#2988 - 02/09/02 09:04 PM The story of Leap and Burrow.

Just over a year ago my husband surprised me by informing me he had found a glider breeder and we looking at bringing two of the darlings home for me. He did, and I fell in love with my girls, and so did he.<p>So, when the breeder mentioned to him that she had two boys that were more than ready to go home with someone, but she didn't have a buyer lined up, he made her a deal. A new cage for her brood and two more for us to love.<p>The boys were a delight from the beginning. Leap was the clown, doing backflips in the cage to make us laugh, barking at his sisters and incredibly energetic. Burrow would sleep later and go to bed earlier than his brother, but was much more cuddly than his brother.<p>Back in October the boys got trapped in thier pouch. I thought I had studied lots on taking care of them, I thought I had researched everything. What I didn't know is how fast they can go from dehydration. <p>When I realized there was a problem, Burrow was gone and Leap was very close to being gone. <p>I want to thank everyone here that gave me help and info. Today, Leap is currently climbing the curtains and chirping at me. He isn't quite as much of a clown as he used to be, but he is a happy, well-bonded little boy. <p>My husband and I still feel terrible about his brother, and apologize to him often. He is going in to be fixed shortly and his sisters will be joining him in his huge cage. <p>Please, everyone, check the pouches that your little ones sleep in often. When threads start to pull lose, or a small hole is worn through the inner liner, dispose of the pouch and replace it. This will save you much grief and sorrow.

#2989 - 02/09/02 10:19 PM Re: The story of Leap and Burrow. [Re: ]

Oh I feel so sorry for you! I was so sad to read this story, but I am glad at least one of the little guys survived rather than none. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I will take your advice also!<p>-Mistic and <img src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" border="0" alt="glider" /> Stewie

#2990 - 02/09/02 10:49 PM Re: The story of Leap and Burrow. [Re: ]

Thank you for you thoughts. Our darling little boy is currently climbing my sleeve, on the inside. I've become a horribly overprotective mom since the pouch insidence. <p>I told this story here to try to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Our boys were precious to us and I'm very happy that we managed to save at least Leap. <p>It was days and days of worry and effort, but as everyone here knows, he's more than worth it. Every time he made a noticable improvement, like the first time he crabbed at me, made me cheer. The only thing to remind us of what happened is that he's missing about half an inch of his tail. Not sure it that was self mutilation or a removal of a non-working body part. If it was self mutilation, we've seen no sign of it since, and since it doesn't seem to have slowed him, we left it alone.<p>Please everyone, again, check your babies' homes for safety on a regular basis.

#2991 - 02/09/02 10:55 PM Re: The story of Leap and Burrow. [Re: ]
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PLCullins,<p>I really appreciate you sharing this information. Yuor loss, as painful as it may be, might help prevent somebody else from living through the same experience. It was through posts like these that I was able to discover a similar problem with one of my cage pouches, and luckily prevent disaster. I am very sorry for your loss. I am so happy to hear that Leap is doing well.<p>
Craig & Co. <img src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" border="0" alt="glider" />

#2992 - 02/09/02 11:18 PM Re: The story of Leap and Burrow. [Re: ]

I remember when this happened, and I'm so glad you posted. A warning that saves another glider's life is just the best tribute you could give Burrow's memory. <p>God bless!

#2993 - 02/10/02 02:32 AM Re: The story of Leap and Burrow. [Re: Anonymous]
Judie Offline
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I too remember reading your post right after you found the boys. <p>I myself dislike the pouches for this very reason. But the gliders love them so, I will toss out any pouch with the slightest hint of a thread or hole in it. <p>Also, trim nails when using pouches. I know of someone else who recently had her glider get tangled up in a tab to a pouch. Glider chewed her fingers off to get loose. She had tiny babies in the pouch and I am sure was extremely stressed having been caught up in the pouch all night and babies wanting to nurse. I think the gliders wrist my be broken and may need to be amputated.<p>Good luck. You are blessed in more ways than one.
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