Not one, but both of my babies died yesterday. I woke up yesterday to find Roo dead on the bottom of the cage. The night before, be had seemed absolutely signs of anythign wrong. I took him to the vet for a necropsy that was to be done on Monday. Zoe seemed fine all day yesterday,except for wondering where Roo had gone to. However, yesterday evening she started vomiting. I immediatly rushed her to the vet. He performed all kinds of tests on her. She was anemic and her white blood cell count was almost non existant. He thought it might have been from some sort of infection, and was going to send us home with antibiotics. But she stopped breathing before I could leave the clinic. So now both of my babies are gone, and my heart is broken like it has never been before.

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Originally Posted By: Leanne from 2/11/02
Well i got the necropsy results back from the vet today. If you can believe it, Roo and Zoe died from 2 totally different things. The vet thinks that Roo had liver cancer (or possibly hepatitis) His liver was huge and bumpy, and it looked like it had spread to his stomach a little bit. Zoe had some kind of infection, but he didn't know exactly what kind. She had the beginning of pneumonia. Her blood wasn't clotting and was building up inside of her chest. I think it is so strange that both of them died so close together.
Thank you everyone for all of your support and prayers. Your thoughts are really helping me to get through all of this.