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#3022 - 02/13/02 05:13 PM Marvin crosses over....

Marvin is a glider with two 'moms'. The one who cared for him when his first family rejected him. The one who found a mate for him, was patient and devoted to him, waiting for trust to grow between them. She let love teach him to trust again, and nursed him out of his grief by sharing hers with him when Molly was lost. Then, as often happens in life, unforseen circumstances changed all that. Laura's family was moving, and she had to choose to give up on him, or find someone she trusted to care for him until their new home was ready. She knew it would be hard on both of them, and they would miss each other, that she may have to start all over again bonding with him after months of separation, but she chose to give me the honor of being Marvins foster 'mom'. She came as often as posible to visit him, devoting the majority of her time to carrying him around in his pouch, giving him snacks, talking to him....loving him unconditionally; a gift bestowed only on animals and children.<p>Marvin seemed happy enough here, and actually seemed to enjoy his privacy. Laura wanted him to have a mate, though, for the times when the responsibilities of growing up would keep her busy or away from him. As it happened, my family of gliders had two girls arrive last July, Delta and Dawn. I had planned to keep both of them, but for the first time in the history of my gliders, they chased Delta out of the nest after she was weaned. I was out of town and Rich found her cold and still on the bottom of the cage. He nursed her back to health, and I decided to put Dawn with her so she wouldn't be lonely. They've been together since October and are 7 months OOP. After seeing the way Laura is with Marvin, and knowing I couldn't keep two sets of gliders, I talked with Laura's parents then offered them to her. They met Marvin and Laura a couple of times to play, and things went smoothly. Marvin was not agressive or overbearing, he just seemed ecstatic to have playmates. I put them together full time two weeks ago, and watched for any signs of trauma, that all were eating and acting normal, and that playtime was playtime. At first he didn't seem to have a preference, but in a few days was spending all his time with Delta. She showed no signs of being upset by the attention, and if he left her alone too long she would go find him and climb all over him as if to say, "Where have you been?". I think Dawn was a little jealous that her playmate was giving so much attention to this newcomer, so she would nose in between them whenever she could. This behavior was accepted by both Marvin and Delta, so all was going well.They were all very happy.<p>Marvin died Monday night. <p>A moments distraction, inattentiveness, carelessness....and another life is sacrificed. He drowned in a toilet that he had never seen open. I'm sure he was playing happlily with his girls and jumped over to it expecting it to be solid, as it had been for all the time he had played there before. Such a simple, easy, mundane, thing to open, then close, a toilet seat in a room where gliders live. Such an unforgivable lapse not to do it. I'm angry with myself for not paying attention, aghast at the suffering he endured before he died, guilty for betraying a trust, greived over the trauma to Delta and Dawn, and heartbroken for breaking Laura's heart. I raked my brain trying to remember how it got open, as though I could go back and erase the nightmare, then when I remembered it only got worse. I failed Laura's trust, and I failed this beautiful, amazing little creature. Please forgive me.<p>I know Marvin is free now. <p>I can see him greeting his new family, gliding on solar winds, chattering softly in the moonlight, leaping between branches formed by stars; then scampering down a moonbeam to our shoulder. We shiver, as we did before, when tickled by the touch of a tiny nose on our ear and the soft whistle of excited breathing. They've come to comfort us as we search for them in the dark hollow left by their passing.....then I remember! The darkness is their playground.<p>"......Yet not one of them is forgotten by God." Luke 12:6

#3023 - 02/13/02 05:24 PM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]

I'm so sorry []images/icons/frown.gif" border="0[/] I can't imagine how you must feel because I haven't experienced it. Thank you for sharing your story though. That last paragraph is beautiful. Hopefully by sharing your story, another glider will be saved.<p>[ 02-13-2002: Message edited by: SunshineNay ]</p>

#3024 - 02/13/02 05:48 PM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]
SugarLove Offline
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may Marvin rest in peace and enjoy the company of all those who have crossed over that rainbow bridge.
Thank you for having the courage to post this and heed this warning to all us glider owners.
*~*~ A Pocket FULL of Sugar ~*~*

#3025 - 02/13/02 06:43 PM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]

It was just about a year ago, Linda, when you were offering me solace and comfort when Godfrey died. There are no words that help very much, but I understand how you feel, and so wish you weren't grieving and that there wasn't a reason to grieve. Thanks for letting us grieve with you. He was happy, he was devoted, he was well-cared for, and in the long run, those are the qualities and memories that matter. <p>My prayers are for you and Laura tonight.

#3026 - 02/13/02 07:33 PM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: Anonymous]

I am so sorry to hear about Marvin. I don't know why I read this folder, always breaks my heart. But remember, accidents happen. DO NOT blame yourself. Hard to do I know, I have been there with one of my dogs. You and Laura will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Marvin is having a wonderful time right now. He is an <img src="graemlins/frostyangel.gif" border="0" alt="angel" /> <p> <img src="graemlins/crying.gif" border="0" alt="[crying]" /> Melinda & Micah <img src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" border="0" alt="glider" />

#3027 - 02/13/02 09:30 PM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]
PepPony Offline
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Linda--I am so sorry to hear about Marvin. I hope that you are alright. This is a tough thing to take. Anyone that has ever owned a glider can appreciate your story and will understand. They are so fast that if you blink they can get into trouble. I am so sorry for your loss. This was just an unfortunate accident. This was in God's hands and not yours. He must have needed another little glider in pet heaven. Marvin already had the wings. You are not to blame, so do not be too hard on yourself. I have heard many good things about you. You are a wonderful mom and person! Keep a stiff upper lip for the other little ones sake. They can sense emotions. Be strong for them. I will pray for you and that my prayers are answered by bringing you comfort in your time of need. God bless you!<p>John(Squirrelboy) (Rocky & Adrienne)

#3028 - 02/13/02 10:34 PM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]
Judie Offline
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May God bless you and help you through this difficult time.
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#3029 - 02/14/02 12:38 AM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]
BeetleJuice Offline
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Linda,<p>I am so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.<p>Craig

#3030 - 02/14/02 09:30 AM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]

I am so sorry to hear of Marvin's passing. It never does get any easier reading these posts, but this one, with the story of his life, was especially difficult. My prayers are with you and his other family!

#3031 - 02/14/02 11:39 PM Re: Marvin crosses over.... [Re: ]

Ohhhh I am so sorry...I didn't read this section because sometimes it's sad...But even though it's sad to read, it is something I feel I always need to read. Only posting stories like this will inform others and hopefully prevent accidents. I am so sorry for your loss, he sounded like a great glider. I have to say he is a very lucky glider to have had TWO loving moms! His short life was probably just as good as other gliders' whole lives! It was accident that anyone could make. We are all here for you.


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