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#305264 - 06/04/07 03:07 AM Glider Lifepspan in Captivity

I have been curious lately. What's the oldest any glider in captivity that we know of has lived. And if you can give me any examples, can you also tell me their diet was? Lemme guess...catfood... smirk ( Just honestly curious. I've seen a lot of people who post here mentioning that theirs were 5-7 years but I've never see any who have lived longer...of course there may be many, I just may have missed it. I'mn still pretty new to this site as well as to gliders in general. But boy oh boy am I spending a LOT researching and learning...both from all of you here and on my own. Being owned by gliders is soooo much more than having a "pet". Not only do you get to see how wild animals instincts have not been weeded out so they still behave as if they were in the wild and that is VERY interesting to watch, but also...I have been dealing with depresion for years and it's got especially bad in the last year. After I got the gliders, my depresion started to lift. There's just something so pure about letting the crawl all over you and jump on your head only give you either face hugs or wet willies. I really consider being owned by them almost like a hobby. It give me something to do hobby-wise. I had all but given up on hobbies with the depression but now that I have so much to do with them, it really has become a hobby as well as a relationsihp. And on top of all that, it gives my 10 daughter and I something to work on together and that makes for special memories. Even my 5 yo son who was intially afraid when they crawled on him in the tent. Now he asks to go to the tent everynight and if they don't choose him to jump on he gets upset.

Wooo, didn't mean for this to end up so long. Really, the only question I had was...what is the oldest age anybody knows about (or more than one example) amd of you know, if you could please tell me what they were eating or if they were eating one of the "approved" diets or making their own. If they were using one of the aproved ones, whidh one? Thank you in advance for any insight you could provide.

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#305265 - 06/04/07 03:17 AM Re: Glider Lifepspan in Captivity [Re: ]
Xfilefan Offline
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Here are two of the oldest I am aware of. Charlie H's PacMan who passed at 15 yrs 4 mos., and Bourbon's Baybe who was (give or take) 13 yrs. Both had been fed BML all their lives.


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#305266 - 06/04/07 03:17 AM Re: Glider Lifepspan in Captivity [Re: ]

Mary and Charlie had a glider, Pac Man that lived to be 15, I believe. -BML-

I have a 12 year old female named Larkin. -Catfood 0-9, Ensure 9-present-

A friend of mine has a male/female pair that's at least 13 years old and they are still breeding. -Happy Glider-

Most gliders die because of accidents or illness. Very rarely do gliders actually die of old age, which is kind of depressing... I still have my first glider and he'll be 6 in July. Hopefully he'll live at least as long as Larkin, because I love him dearly...

#305291 - 06/04/07 05:53 AM Re: Glider Lifepspan in Captivity [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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My Pika was at least 13 and her mate was at least 12 when they passed away this past winter. Previous to coming to me, I don't know exactly what their diet was; however for the first 3 years I had them, they were fed a diet that included 33% protein, 67% fruits & veggies with Gliderade each night. Calcium & Glider Booster were sprinkled on the protein 3 x per week. However, Pika came down with Hind Leg Paralysis from always picking out the protein and not eating the fruits & veggies. So, I switched them over to BML and that's what they had during their last 1+ year with me.
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#306080 - 06/04/07 11:25 PM Re: Glider Lifepspan in Captivity [Re: ]

I have read around - 5 years in the wild and 10 years in captivity.... the average range can vary.

#306084 - 06/04/07 11:26 PM Re: Glider Lifepspan in Captivity [Re: ]

Oh BTW - I am in Florida too....... KEWL!! about 3 hrs from you.

#306109 - 06/05/07 12:15 AM Re: Glider Lifepspan in Captivity [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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My Dexter is about 12 yrs old. I'm not entirely sure as he was an adult when I got him 10 years ago. He is still as sweet as ever and still going strong!

His diet has changed over the years. For the past 20 months or so, he has been on a wambaroo mix, fruits and vegies. He and his mate had 12 joeys total, with their first set being triplets before I had him neutered at about age 8.
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