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#31741 - 12/15/04 05:09 PM Glider proofing

I do not have a glider yet. I do have a very large cage though, and I have supplies. I'm just waiting for the right time.

My problem is, I have a fairly small room, and quite a bit of stuff! I have a lot of shelves... candles, photos, stuff like that. And a closet jam-pcked with way to many clothes. I really want to go through and get rid of all of my extra stuff, or at least box it up and put it in the garage until I move into my own place. I was just wondering what I should do to glider proof my room. Right now, I have a ferret and a kitty also. They are best buddies... but I do know that they would not be best buddies with gliders! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

So, what places do your gliders get into mischief most of all? Have you learned any decorating tricks to keep them out of certain areas? What are some hazard areas I might not have thought of?

Another question- I want to use manzanita branches in the cage. My boyfriend has 10 acres full of manzanita- no pesticides or anything. Can I cut it, dry it and use it? Or should it be a live plant?

Also- what do you line the bottom of your glider cage with?

Lastly- what do you use for a heat supply? Rock? Lamp?

Thanks so much! I want to be well educated before I make such a commitment!


#31742 - 12/15/04 05:23 PM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]
Ellen Offline
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Nicole, Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!
You have alot of good questions and I think they would be better answered in Housing forum. So I am going to move your post there. I know you will get alot of help.
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#31743 - 12/15/04 06:40 PM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]

I would say you have to watch out for electrical cords, they can chew them and possibly electrocute themselves, also, gliders can't swim, so no open containers w/ liquid. I have electrical outlet covers, so I suggest getting some of them. Heating vents should be covered so they can't get in there.

DON'T use a heat rock! I wont even use one for my snake. They are dangerous and can burn the animal. I have a clip lamp that generates a small amount of heat and it is out of the gliders reach, but some people say not to use one. Unfortunately, I live in a very large, old, drafty home and it gets too cold in the glider room.

I have a pull out tray under my cage and I line it w/ newspaper. I pull it out every other day, dump it in the garbage, scrub it down and then re-line it.

#31744 - 12/15/04 08:20 PM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]

Personally I don't use any heat source... I have a second floor apartment and it is always pretty warm. Also their pouches and nesting box have poly fill in them so they can snuggle up to keep warm. I actually put a rubber mat at the bottom of my cage. This keeps the wood from getting dirty, it is easy to clean and vaccum, and the gliders can walk on it without it getting messy to them. If yours are anything like mine they will spend time on the ground. About gliderproofing your room... you mainly want to watch for spaces under the door. Even 1/2" of space may be enough for your glider to escape through. Obviously water and electrical sources are a problem. Gliders are pretty quick and can get quickly lost behind a large amount of clothing. They also are pretty quiet when they want to be so finding them could be difficult. As for pets, I have two cats and they are very interested in teh gliders... I don't think that they would hurt them but to be honest my two gliders are pretty determined to grab their face when they come too close. I would def limit access to other animals. Ferrits can def be interested in other animals as well and don't forget they are natural hunters that eat smaller animals. Make sure your cage is stable because cats like to sit on top of them to watch in interest. Other than that keep to the forum and you will learn as you go. Make sure your cage spacing is no more than 1"x1". I had a ferrit cage at first that was prob 1"x2-2.5" and it took about 15 seconds for them to squeeze out. Now I have a huge oak parrot cage that is 1x1 and it is perfect. Be careful with wild branches. I am not big on them because some can be poisonous even if they are not sprayed. One thing you will see is gliders like to chew on the branches. Regular parrot branches work the best plus they are easier to fasten. Good luck :-)!

#31745 - 12/16/04 01:18 AM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]

i use puppy pads <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#31746 - 12/16/04 01:20 AM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]

Generally, bar spacing no greater than 1/2" is preferable... especially if one has smaller adults or may ever have joeys.

#31747 - 12/24/04 11:34 AM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]

Nicole i have a book that i can email to you that would be great for you. you can pm me or email me at [][/] for it.

#31748 - 01/01/05 12:31 AM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]

I suggest getting a junior tent which you can purchase at walmart

#31749 - 01/05/05 03:48 PM Re: Glider proofing [Re: ]

My dog killed one of my gliders New Year's Eve. I accidentally popped a cage door when cleaning, but it didn't open all the way, so I didn't notice it. When Mo woke up, he hopped out and scampered down the hall. My dog caught my baby before I did.

So, as for glider proofing, don't relive the horror that I did last Friday night. Come up with a plan to protect your gliders from your other pets and stick to it like you are the most obsessive compulsive person on the planet. Once you get your babies, you will fall in love with them more than you think you will. If something happens to one of them, you will feel like you are about to join them in heaven. Trust me, you don't want to experience this!!!


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