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#3180 - 03/30/02 03:36 PM I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken!

For those of you who know my story about buying a young pair of gliders and discovering that I actually ended up with two males....i was thrilled to locate 2 females that I was going to get for my boys. Today is the day we were suppose to go pick them up....but something terible happened. One of the little girls escaped in the night and drowned in the toilet!!Both i and the current owner are heartbroken. She knew about the toilet thing and was always careful but thinks one ofher young children may have gotten up in the middle of thenight and left the lid up.
My boyfriend is on his way to pick up the other little girl as we are still going to take her in. But I am so heartbroken about this one's accident!!
As adults most of us know to be careful about the toliet seat, but this is just an added reminder to remind our kids to be careful too. They are young and don't always remember.
Knowing how much this broke my heart even before I met the little girl I can imagine how those of you feel who have lost your own gliders. it's a terrible feeling and I am sorry for any of you who have had to go through it!!

#3181 - 03/30/02 04:04 PM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]

How sad. I'm so sorry your little family won't be complete today, and I'm sorry for the family, too. These little inquisitive babies just want to see what 's on top of that big apparatus, and it only takes a second. I'm so sorry for you and them.

#3182 - 03/30/02 10:42 PM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: Anonymous]

Im so sorry, Moostang, for your loss. I can tell you have a deep love for animals and this must hurt you so. Ill say a prayer for you both tonight.

<img border="0" alt="heart" title="" src="graemlins/heartpump.gif" /> Danielle

#3183 - 03/31/02 12:46 AM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]

Thanks Lucy and Danielle I sure appreciate you replies. They say everything happens for a reason but this is just one of those things I can't seem to find a reason that it happened.
I'm still waiting for my boyfriend to arive with the one little girl, but insted of being just happy and excited abut her arrival I am very nervous about it too. Poor thing just lost her sister last night and nowshe is going on a 5 hour car ride to a new and strange home...I know she must be frightened, especially since she is the quite shy one of the two.
But I will give her lots of extra special love and hopefully she will be ok.
Moostang Rita

#3184 - 03/31/02 01:31 AM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]

Moostang Rita,
You are a very tenderhearted person! I feel for both those little girls too, both the one coming to you today and the one that passed over the rainbow bridge. But, I know you will soon have the little girl on her way to you, feeling at home, and very very loved and spoiled! It's hard in these situations to find the reason, and hard to go on sometimes without one, but we must for their sakes.
Take care and go give them all tons of love!

#3185 - 03/31/02 02:54 AM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]

Yes, the loss of a glider is simply devastating. Sorry that you had to go experience this so soon.

#3186 - 03/31/02 01:56 PM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]

<img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="images/icons/frown.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="images/icons/frown.gif" /> Ohh Im so sorry to hear the sad news...Keep the little one close to you.....

#3187 - 03/31/02 04:49 PM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]

I am so sorry to hear about this. You would've been a great mommy.
<img border="0" alt="angel" title="" src="graemlins/frostyangel.gif" />

"All you need is love... is all you need"

~ Beatles

#3188 - 03/31/02 10:01 PM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]
PepPony Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 11/27/01
Posts: 2088
MR--That is a very tragic story. I am glad you posted this here because accidents do happen. Many times they can be prevented. I think by you posting this, you may in fact have prevented several future accidents just waiting to happen. Thanks for posting!

John (Rocky & Adrienne)

#3189 - 04/01/02 07:35 PM Re: I didn't even know her yet and heartbroken! [Re: ]

Thanks everyone and I do hope it helps prevent this from happening to someone else. We got a toliet toy alarm today to help remoind us. It's meant as a gag joke but may very well come in handy so this type of tragedy doesn't happen to us as well. It is meant for the lower lid but we used it on the top lid..what it does is when you lift the lid it becomes light activated and if you walk away without putting the lid down it hollars " he get back here you left the lid up again" Kinda funny but if it pprevents and accidnet then it's well worth it!


p.s. the other little girls ishere now and sared to death naturally. Bit the dickens out of me and crabs like a junk yard dog...but with some time and lots of love she'll be a sweetie I'm sure!


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