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#3216 - 04/01/02 01:26 AM Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down

My little girl, Tenly, fell ill this morning. There is an illness you can get if two people or two animals share water. It puts stiff pain through your body and you can lose body parts, your skin turns colors or if your an animal you can lose all your fur etc. Tenly, whenever she went to play, always had a love to sit by the bird cage and would watch my macaw eat or drink(forgetting about the illness, I let her take a quick drink)and about an hour later she was yelping in pain. Her body went stiff and fur was falling out. I noticed her nose started to turn purple so I brought her to the vet within minutes. All tests and information did say it was because they shared water, I was shocked! My vet told me the bad news and we had to put her in the gas box (her body was too little for an injection) and I cried (I still am) but I am also mad. I am mad that I was so stupid to let my little girl do such a thing. I will never let my animals ever take a drink from eachothers waterers ever again, no matter how clean it seems to be. I hope this helps make sure other glider owners will take this into consideration that no matter how you think things are ok- one bad move and everything will turn into the worst right before your eyes. <img border="0" alt="[crying]" title="" src="graemlins/crying.gif" /> I am lso happy though because I know that Tenly is now in heaven to keep my Leigh company. (Leigh: my 12 yr old glider who died of old age a little while back) <img border="0" alt="angel" title="" src="graemlins/frostyangel.gif" /> They are both my little angels.

#3217 - 04/01/02 02:46 AM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]
Judie Offline
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Registered: 10/25/01
Posts: 9173
Loc: Edwardsville, Kansas 66113
I am so, so sorry to hear about your little Tenly. This I know must have been a very difficult decission on your part and was done out of love for her.

Can you please tell us the name of whatever it was that the vet said was wrong. I personally have never heard of the fur falling off a glider when seizuring.

<small>[ 04-01-2002, 03:52 AM: Message edited by: Judie ]</small>
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#3218 - 04/01/02 03:53 AM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]

Really sorry to hear about Tenly. No matter how careful we are, these little ones seem to find a way to do themselves in.

#3219 - 04/01/02 08:46 AM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]
PepPony Offline
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Registered: 11/27/01
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First let me say, I am truly sorry for your loss. You are way ahead of me on this one. I did not even know there was such illness related to shared water by animals. My deepest sympathies are with you! It must be a tough time for you and I know how much you cared for Tenly. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I also appreciate the fact that you are trying to help other glider owners and members of this forum. That truly shows your care and concern for gliders! To help you in your efforts to make glider owners more knowledgeable about this illness, could you please e-mail me or post the exact name of this illness and the correct spelling. I think I will do some research and try to get the word out about this in order to help save more gliders. This is the first I have heard of this illness and is a new one on me. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

John (Rocky & Adrienne)

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#3220 - 04/01/02 09:04 AM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]

I'm very sorry about your loss. I hope you take comfort in the life you were able to give Tenly.

I hope you'll feel like sharing more about what disease Tenly contracted, so we can learn. You may save countless glider lives, which would be such a terrific tribute to your sweet Tenly.

#3221 - 04/01/02 11:23 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: Anonymous]

How sad! I can feel your pain and know the grief you are experiencing. Thank you for sharing this important story.

My prayers are with you!

#3222 - 04/01/02 12:40 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]

Glider hugs & kisses sent your way in your time of sorrow.

#3223 - 04/01/02 10:03 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]
kb2e Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 01/21/00
Posts: 2242
Loc: Willard, Mo. USA
Heartfelt sympathy.
God Bless America
RIP Sneakers\Abby\Pepe\Missy/Shelby/Buddy

#3224 - 04/01/02 10:56 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]

thanks for posting your story.

I am very sorry for your loss. I have never heard of such a thing. I didn't know that this could happen. my gliders have 2 water bottles on there cage and get fresh water every night. if they were out tho and not in there cage and ran loose i would have never thought i needed to pick up the cats water dish (other than that being standing water and they could drown.)

once again the gliders and i are very sorry for your loss and know she is an angel now looking over all the other gliders and pets we have lost.

#3225 - 04/01/02 11:04 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]

My deepest sympathies for your loss. Im sure you gave tenly a happy life. *hug* could the illness youre speaking of be tetanus that tenly caught?

#3226 - 04/02/02 05:14 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]

Yes- The illness is tetanus but Tetanus can only be found in humans. The tetanus found in animals has a longer name than that "Tetanus (some word I have no idea how you spell it)" is the illness caused by shareing water, shareing certain foods.. etc. Tetanus are also in soil, dust, and manure. Once they enter your body, they can produce a poison which spreads throughout the body.

The first signs of tetanus (whatever that word is) are headache and spasms of the jaw muscles. As the poison spreads, it causes muscle spasms in the neck, arms, legs, and stomach. The victim gets painful convulsions, which can be severe enough to cause broken bones. In people it causes skin coloring and scales- in animals it will make fur fall out and sometimes have their eyes popped out. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="images/icons/frown.gif" />

#3227 - 04/02/02 06:27 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]
KarenE Online   /gc/lgc

Registered: 03/25/00
Posts: 41153
Loc: LittleRock, AR USA
I am so sorry for all that you have gone through. Please know that my thoughts are with you in this very sad time.

Like everyone else, I have never heard of this disease, but more frightening is the speed with which it took your little one.

Thank you so much for sharing this information.
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#3228 - 04/03/02 12:30 AM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]


I have found that tetanus in animals and humans happens the same way and has the same symptoms. Larger animals have vaccines which are 50% effective. Below is a description that I found on another site.

Tetanus is caused by the bacteria Clostridium tetani. Most commonly the bacteria enters the body through a deep puncture wound where an anaerobic environment is created. After a wound has been incurred, the bacteria germinates in the damaged muscle tissue. The bacteria begins to produce toxins, two of which are the most potent toxins currently known; a quantity the size of a pin head easily can cause disease and death.

#3229 - 04/03/02 04:38 PM Re: Tenly was sadly ill- had to be put down [Re: ]

I am so sorry for your loss. I understand what you are going through. Atleast you have helped some people, because I did not know about that either. I will keep you in my prayers.


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