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#323705 - 06/25/07 10:01 AM Behavior before one passes
GliderParentnTN Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 03/24/07
Posts: 151
I had been thinking (I know a bad thing) Back when Bourbon lost her Glider she had said he was doing things he hadn't done before up in the day running in mid day and running as hard as he could.

nOW when Izzy Passed last week she had been up running alot in the day and Sharon had said also she had begun this like all of the sudden.

My thoughts are do they do this or know that there time is near so they either get those last few days of exploring and running before they go or do they do this to maybe help make them pass a bit quicker, Something like cause themselves to have heart failure so to speak...

I know some run in mid day but this mid day runs were way different and it just got me thinking of those last few days I had spent with Izzy while she was running like she was running from something or maybe too something (Rainbow Bridge).

What are ya'lls thoughts?
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#323716 - 06/25/07 10:11 AM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: GliderParentnTN]

I wonder if this isn't a gift the Creator gives to His creatures before they go 'Home". I have personally known several humans who were near death and the day before they passed had a day of great lucidity and a feeling of such wellbeing that their loved ones thought that they might be getting better. Fascinating thought...

#323723 - 06/25/07 10:19 AM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: GliderParentnTN]

That's a tough one.

It could be that if they are in pain or discomfort, they may run to try to distract them from it. Sometimes animals in stress or pain that we cannot see can show "displacement" behaviors like this. My last hamster, Spencer, actually did this before he passed on from wet the later stages he was running in his wheel like a madman and initially I thought he was getting better frown But he died a short time later.

Particularly if a glider is housed with other gliders, it's likely that it's instinctual for them to "leave" the colony since gliders who stay in the colony after they pass on may attract predators. Since they can't really "leave" a cage, running in the wheel may be a substitute for this in their minds. This may also be why we find some gliders on the floor of the cage rather than in the pouch...that was the farthest away they could get.

I have heard similar stories of dogs and cats sometimes trying to go under the deck or go out in the backyard when they pass on.

Although to us as humans it seems most comforting to be surrounded by others when we pass on, it seems that instinctually some animals want to be alone.

Obviously this would not be true for all gliders since we have heard many stories of gliders who have died in their pouches with companions, or even in their owner's arms. But that's just a guess as to why they might do this. So sorry to hear about Izzy hug2 I'm sure she knew she was loved very much.

#323745 - 06/25/07 10:42 AM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: ]
GliderLove Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 06/08/06
Posts: 4801
Loc: SE Minnesota..
Geesh, this is a very tough subject to talk about let alone understand. I have also noticed strange behaviors in cats before they pass on, the last one my very beloved Tinkerbell that I had got when my mom passed away started to have strange behaviors, she had been on meds the last few yrs of her life due to thickening of the heart valves that made her have a very fast heart rate, she was 16 yrs old. She had been acting like she wanted out alot, and she never did this, the morning I noticed her food was untouched I started looking for her. I looked under the couch and she had been streched out like she was all comfy and eyes cracked open (she NEVER went under there) I went to grap her to pull her out and she was stiff. cry God I miss her so much, she was my best friend, it's still so hard remembering this. But the point of my story is that she too began exspressing strange behaviors,and hiding.
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#323784 - 06/25/07 11:24 AM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: GliderParentnTN]
Xfilefan Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/22/03
Posts: 8899
Loc: Jacksonville, FL
This was my Gimli's last present to GC...

The day before, he was active, happy, and rosy pink where he should be without the jaundice (it was his liver's last effort). However, we knew his liver was failing from the day we rescued him, so it wasn't a surprise, and we let him go knowing nothing could stop it when it happened. He lived 2 years with jaundice/liver failure and massive repeat infections from a broken jaw (a gift from his prior owner).
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#327953 - 06/29/07 11:18 PM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: Xfilefan]
Bourbon Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 04/01/99
Posts: 5333
Loc: Bee-Bopping round SnakePit USA
see I am a firm believer that just before it is time to go, that some animals have a hard time letting go of those they love and feel safe with.. so Our higher being gives them a chance to know what it will feel like if they do cross over , a life with no restrictions, no pain, and lots of energy..funny thing is I was just talking to mystic about this , this morning
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#327982 - 06/29/07 11:48 PM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: Bourbon]

Hmm James you've got me thinking now. But I do agree thats a tought subject.

#327986 - 06/29/07 11:57 PM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/01/06
Posts: 21060
Loc: Kansas
My feeling is the same as what Bourbon stated.
They just know that their time is close to transition. The letting go from the sub conscious level is what's the last phase of passing thru the zone. In that brief moment of departure from the physical one gains total clarity of their current existance and becomes resistant to let go, while in the spirit it knows it's time to surrender to the higher forces. angel

#327998 - 06/30/07 12:19 AM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: LSardou]
jacknsally Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 03/30/05
Posts: 3224
Loc: North Fort Worth - TX
Mine were just the opposite. My Serenity didn't have any behavior changes. His buddy Jack actually responded to Serenity- if Serenity was up, Jack was with him, if Serenity was sleeping, Jack was always with him.

My Jack & Serenity both did this with Sally in her last days. In my experience mine seemed to be at their bedside every moment they could be.

I'd always heard the opposite- that when a glider is ill- the group sends them out or they try to distant themselves.I'm just glad my boys were always there for each other.
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#329777 - 07/02/07 04:05 PM Re: Behavior before one passes [Re: jacknsally]
sugarlope Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/28/02
Posts: 19735
Loc: in my happy place
I think they must feel something...different. It's not just gliders that are about to pass that get up, but this is sometimes a first sign that something is wrong with a seemingly heathy glider. I have had gliders get up in the middle of the day (and they don't do this normally) because of stress and illness.
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