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#3331 - 05/02/02 06:12 PM 3 turtles and 2 sugar gliders later...

This is the first time that anyone will know the whole story, except for my boyfriend, who was here for the whole thing. It all started with a little turtle from Manhattan. In China town in Manhattan during a visit my soon-to-be stepdaughter saw a whole bucket full of Red-Ear Slider aquatic turtles and just had to have one. Thinking that she was to young, but that the poor little things wouldn't all survive the week in that bucket, we bought one. Reluctantly Kelly let me bring it home to Chicago where I go to college. $200 dollars and a couple of days later it had a new tank with all the water and warmth a turtle could want. A few months later I had to go to Colorado to visit family and left my boyfriend to take care of the turtle. She got sick, or maybe she was sick when we got her, and when I told him to change some of the water, she died. We went shopping at a reptile show when I got back to buy two new turtles for Kelly's sake. Now I have Paisley and Plaid. That show was where I found Taffy, my first sugar baby girl. I had wanted a sugar glider for years and finally had the chance to have one. After about a half an hour of talking and fussing, 5-month oop Taffy was on her way home. Over the next two months she became so dear to me. I never knew I could care for an animal so much, even though I had a childhood cat who is part of my family still in Colorado. She loved me too without a doubt and was the sweetest animal I had ever known. This is where it gets bad. I felt bad because I couldn't have a cage large enough for a fully-grown sugar glider in my apartment because of my landlord. Something I should have thought of before I got Taffy. So I glider proofed the four rooms until I thought it was perfect. Oven, refrigerator, toilet and everything in between were off access. It turned out that Taffy loved running around the apartment all nigh and was always back in bed in the mornings waiting to go to school with me. One morning she wasn't. I searched all morning and eventually my boyfriend did too. We looked under and behind everything and then I looked in the one place I knew she wouldn't be, in the bucket of water for the turtles. I had used a Tupperware bowl as a lid and the handle on the bucket held it down. When I went to look at it, it was exactly the same as it had been the night before; only my little baby was floating lifelessly in the semi-shallow water. I screamed and eventually had to take her out myself to find somewhere to burry her. From where she lays now she has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan. The worst part about it was that early in the morning a sound woke me up that when I think of it sounded like a bucket. I didn't get up because she was always banging things around and I thought everything was safe. On top of that my boyfriend was always telling me that I was overbearing with her and that I never let her play. I was sleeping when she either froze to death or drowned, I don't know which. The water was shallow and cold and there were poops in the bucket telling me she had been alive at least long enough to scare the [censored] out of herself. I cried straight for two days and was barely sane enough to go to class. I knew that I lost her because I had been a bad mom, but I wanted her back; if not her then a new little girl. After extensive searching on the Internet and with phone calls the only baby girl we could find was in Florida at Suncoast with Lisa and Debbie. I had a long weekend off from school and my boyfriend was dying to go to Orlando to visit his family, so I called Lisa. Eventually we set up a time just before the end of my trip to pick up little Honey. Kelly went with us to St. Petersburg from Orlando, a long way after having driven 18 hours from Chicago to Orlando just two days earlier. Lisa was unbelievably nice and asked me to write a little story about "Honey in Chicago" when I got a chance. When we got back to Orlando we got a couple hours sleep and then - back to Chicago. Honey slept most of the way needless to say. I think she became a little stressed out though because it took her almost a week to really trust me and want to hang out with me. She was very picky and some of it hasn't worn off. My new best friend can never replace my old one, but she has a new place in my heart just as big. Sometimes when I go to sleep at night after I put honey to bed (or to play, whichever you want to call it) I still think of Taffy and the last night I spent with her, and it makes me cry. Over the last month Honey has become just as sweet and loving as I could hope for. She's even more adventurous than Taffy though and I have to keep a close eye on her in the apartment. I've re-glider proofed the place and found a scary number dangers that I hadn't found before. Taffy taught me something in her short time with me. Who’s to say she didn't save the life of one of my future children someday by helping me understand that being overly cautious is better than letting someone you love have just a little more fun because you aren't around.

Gracias Senor, Dios mio, for giving me 3 sweet turtles and the most wonderfull two sugar gliders in the world. I love them both dearly and will never forget Taffy. Thank you, Lisa, for being so nice with Honey when I told you when i could come to Florida to get her. Thanks to everyone her on the board who has answered all my silly questions on the subject of sugar gliders!

Kathy <img border="0" alt="heart" title="" src="graemlins/heartpump.gif" /> 's Honey

"Tomorrow is another day."

#3332 - 05/03/02 12:01 AM Re: 3 turtles and 2 sugar gliders later... [Re: ]
the gliders angel Offline
Glider Addict

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Loc: u.s.a.
im sorry to hear about your story. but, please get a cage for your new one. as in time if u leave her free something will happen no matter how glider proof u think your apartment is. even a refrigerator is dangerous to a glider . so is a drain or oven etc.

#3333 - 05/03/02 12:18 AM Re: 3 turtles and 2 sugar gliders later... [Re: ]

I have to agree with the previous post, Please, please, please get a cage for Honey. You might not be able to get one as large as you'd like, BUT, you can build one decently sized for next to nothing. With a whodent wheel in it, and some toys, she will have plenty of exercise when you are sleeping, you can still have playtime, but at least it will be supervised, and she will be safe. I can't imagine the grief you are feeling over Taffy, and you have my sympathies as well, it's really rough to lose a beloved pet, especially one we have spent so much time,love and attention on. A cage at least 2x2x3 would be great for her. She would have room to jump, room for the whodent wheel and some toys, her bed, some shelves, ledges, and her food/water dishes. You can even put it together inside your apt so noone knows what size it is unless they come in to see it. Good Luck with Honey!

#3334 - 05/03/02 09:14 AM Re: 3 turtles and 2 sugar gliders later... [Re: ]

It sounds like you do have a cage for your new glider... I hope you two have a lot of good years together. Thanks for posting your story, I know how hard it must be... but hopefully it will warn other glider owners to be careful with any kind of standing water.

#3335 - 05/04/02 03:32 PM Re: 3 turtles and 2 sugar gliders later... [Re: ]

Hi y'all! This is Honey's Aunt Katie. Honestly, I hadn't heard of suggies until Kathy showed me Taffy in our Spanish class a couple of months ago. They are the cutest little creatures <img border="0" alt="glider" title="" src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" /> !

Kathy's a great Suggie Mommy. <img border="0" alt="thumb" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" /> Honey does have a cage and lots of love <img border="0" alt="heart" title="" src="graemlins/heartpump.gif" /> .



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