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#33700 - 01/12/05 02:50 AM best type of bedding for cage floors?

Want to pick up some bedding material for the floor of the cage, but there are loads of choices available now, and I'm not quite sure what the best would be. As with anything, opinions on internet home pages seem to abound, so I've found no clear way to go. Some recommend pine shavings, chlorophyll wood shavings, recycled fiber bedding, etc. I think the fiber bedding sounds pretty good (absorbent, no dyes added, that sort of thing), but I'm unsure of it. Do gliders ever eat/chew bedding material? What should I look for, and what do you think makes the best floor cage bedding?

#33701 - 01/12/05 03:09 AM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]

I know you're not supposed to use pine at all. There's a chemical in it that can poison gliders!

What exactly do you mean by bedding? If you mean covering and filling up the bottom of the cage like you do for hamsters, then you don't need to do that. I'm not sure what kind of cage you have... but most have a wire bottom with a tray underneath to catch the droppings when they fall through. I believe most just use newspaper to line the tray. I've heard some also use those puppy pee-pee pads for lining the tray.

#33702 - 01/12/05 04:25 AM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]
Winkle Offline
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gliders have no problem with a wire floor so they cant get to the tray underneath that catches the waste. i have heard of people using the puppy pads, paper toweling and non coloured newspaper, as long as they cant reach it.
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#33703 - 01/12/05 04:50 AM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"]Personally, I put down puppy pee-pads, then cover them with CareFresh Pet Bedding (a type of recycled fiber bedding like what you mentioned). I have found from watching my gliders that in spite of the mesh wire cage floor, they are very adroit at reaching through to pull out whatever they want to. Therefore, the brand of puppy pads I use is made by Arm & Hammer - the only 'chemical' in it is Baking Soda. It's better to be safe than sorry. When the USDA inspector came to my house for the inspection, he said that the type of bedding I was using was the best & safest he's seen available and my vet concurred with his opinion.
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#33704 - 01/12/05 05:54 AM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]

I use carefresh bedding for the bottom of my cage.

#33705 - 01/12/05 10:55 AM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]


If you did want to use a bedding, I use this fantastic stuff called "Daily Scoops". I've been using it for years with great success.

You should really refrain from using pine shavings because conifers contain a toxic oil in the wood, and when the shavings or wood chips get wet they release this toxic oil into the air, known to cause repiratory problems in vertebrates over time. Don't fall for any company claims that they've formulated a way to neutralize the wood fibres (or any others like that) because that's just an attempt to save the business of the multitude of dieing pet product companies that have specialized in providing this once "universal rodent bedding" to the public, but are now on the losing end of this new piece of biological information. The wood shavings are simply bi-products of softwood processing factories that are collected and shipped to these pet product plants that simply do a quick rinse, dry, and package. I feel it's simply better to air on the side of caution!

Daily Scoops, on the other hand, is totally non-toxic. It's essentially recycled newspaper pellets and looks like rabbit food pellets, only greyish in colour. It also reduces odour, is attractive, is highly absorbent, won't stick to surfaces, won't mold as quickly as wood shavings, and puffs up when it has absorbed fluid, and that's when you know to replace the bedding. Best of all it's biodegradeable and environmentally friendly!

The product is marketed for cat litterbox use, but can be used for other animals, as well. I've been using it and have found it extremely efficient for use with my ferret, my iguana, rats, gerbils, rabbits, snakes, birds, and generally nearly any animal that requires bedding.

Changing the bedding is a breeze as I simply dump the entire tray or whatever container holds the bedding directly into the toilet. I find them truly remarkeable and I highly recommend Daily Scoops; they're much more convenient than most bedding products out there.

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#33706 - 01/12/05 12:27 PM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]
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Along with pine, cedar is another big no no! Cedar like pine releases the toxins when wet.
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#33707 - 01/12/05 01:25 PM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]

Exactly! Pine, cedars, spruce, redwood, cypress, cult, ginkgo, juniper, larch, and aborvitae species all belong to the taxonomic phylum, Coniferophyta, (commonly called conifers/coniferous trees/evergreens) and all contain various amounts of the toxic oils in their sap and vascular tissues.

Keep away from these softwood shavings!

Mikey <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />

#33708 - 01/12/05 02:14 PM Re: best type of bedding for cage floors? [Re: ]

I use puppy pads in the tray. I tape the edges so the gliders don't pull it up. I change the pad and wash the wire cage bottom every other day. I have found that the puppy pads help with the urine smell.


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