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#33936 - 01/15/05 09:13 PM Singing = Pregnant?

My mother was using the computer this morning in our glider room and heard a noise she said sounded like singing, a happy noise that reminded her of a bird singing. I played all the sounds from Bourbon's sound page but the singing is kinda hard to hear. She said none of the other sounds fit, but she just couldnt tell about the singing wave. Everything I have read about singing has to do with joeys in pouch. Is the the only time a glider would sing? We lost two joeys, I believe just a week or so from being out of pouch Dec. 24th & Dec. 28th, a week after we brought this family of gliders home. The people we got them from had no idea how long the mama had had them in pouch but from pics and reading they definately looked like it was very close and I had been seeing the back half of one baby OOP a day or so before we found it cannabalized, then same with the second. Wouldnt it be too soon for her to have joeys in pouch and be singing to them since she just lost the other two the end of December? I have never heard the singing noise as my other two gliders are brother and sister and never mated.

#33937 - 01/15/05 09:47 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

She may be singing to her Joeys.

My girl Sydney has 2 IP and is always chattering and singing to them.

#33938 - 01/15/05 10:07 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

That is what I was wondering about....could she/should she be carrying joeys after just loosing two three weeks ago?

#33939 - 01/15/05 10:13 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]
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They can have joeys ip right after others have come oop. So it is possible.
Judge not until you have walked in their shoes and lived their lives. What you see online is only part of the story.

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#33940 - 01/15/05 10:14 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

yes, gliders can get pregnant while they still have joeys IP. They can breed back to back. I have a question

</font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr />
as my other two gliders are brother and sister and never mated.

<hr /></blockquote><font class="post">

Is the male neutered? Gliders will inbreed.

#33941 - 01/15/05 10:29 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

No Nibbles is not neutered. We were originally told when we got Nibbles and Peaches that they (the people we got them from) did not think they were related. We were going to let them have joeys before neutering. We were also not sure of their age, only that the person we got them from had them 6 months, she had no idea how old they were. We just found out a few days before Christmas when we got our other four gliders that they were INDEED brother and sister and were a year and a half old! The four (actually 6 but a friend took two) gliders we got a few days before Christmas turned out the be our Nibbles and Peaches Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters! We are planning on getting Nibbles and Rowdy neutered. Nibbles and Peaches are in one cage and the other four in another as they were fighting terribly when we put them together (silly me thinking since they were related it would be ok). I also until just a few days ago (from reading from the forums here!) thought that if they were brother and sister they would NOT mate, not SHOULD not. I assumed the reason she has/had never had joeys was that they could not and they are way past the age of reproduction right? We have never "seen" or "heard" them mating or any indication that they were trying too. I still want to get him neutered so maybe eventually he and Rowdy will get along together. BTW it was definately not peaches who was singing, it came from the cage with Mama and Daddy. If Peaches were to get pregnant before we are able to have Nibs neutered what should we do? The idea of aborting poor little ones does not appeal at all but I do not want to jeapardize Peaches and Nibbles health either. Any suggestions or comments welcome.

#33942 - 01/15/05 10:30 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

Oh, and thank you both for the response, but one more question......if she was singing....then that means she does have joeys IP?

#33943 - 01/15/05 10:36 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

No they are not too old to breed if they are a year and a half. Is that how old they are? I would get the male neutered asap. I know somone that got their gliders from a horrible breeder that allowed there gliders to inbreed and the gliders didn't even make it til 2. I don't know what effect if any that it will have on mom and dad but they joey could have severe health problems which means very expensive vet bills. I would just get him neutered now. If they do have joeys before you can get him neutered there really isn't much you can do aside from paying for all the midical bill the joeys MAY have. Then agian they might be healthy but you never know and inbreeding is NEVER good. I hope this helps. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" />

#33944 - 01/15/05 10:37 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

no not always. I swear my male was singing to me but I am crazy sooooo........... IDK? lol (I'm not really crazy..... I just feel like it sometimes)

#33945 - 01/15/05 10:56 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

Yes they are a year and a half according the the original owners, they were born June of 03. I know they are still old enough to breed, but meant I thought they couldnt/wouldnt since they were already a year and a half old and had not. Does that make sense? lol Alot of assumptions my part orginally I know...that is why I am so grateful to have found this forum...I have learned SOOOOOO much in the short time since coming here. My main problem with getting the boys neutered is that no vet around here will take them. I just got a pm from someone today in Oklahoma that responded to my inquiry about a vet in OK and they recommended one a few hours from where I live. Now I just have to find a time I can take a day off work to take them unless the person who pm'd me lets me know they are open on Saturday. That would be great, but I am not hopeful. Thanks again for all your help and responding to all my questions.

#33946 - 01/16/05 10:28 AM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

not to be too off topic but does anyone have a sound bite of the singing i've never heard it.

#33947 - 01/16/05 05:50 PM Re: Singing = Pregnant? [Re: ]

This is the only one I know of but it is kinda hard to hear on my computer.


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