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#34068 - 01/17/05 03:59 PM Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh

Help! My husband is getting super frustrated. He has been trying to build a new cage for our four new gliders since our attempt to put them with our other two didn't work out very well. The cage that came with our four new ones is made of galvanized wire. We are trying to keep the same dimensions but get rid of the galvanized wire. He has built the frame out of pvc pipe, pic attached, but is getting frustrated first because he is worried about the apoxy used to put the pvc together. He has tried sanding it and cleaning it but is still worried it might be a problem. Also he is having trouble deciding if he should attach the plastic mesh inside or outside the piping. Any suggestions and or advice welcome! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" />

He is also considering starting over using a wood frame (which is what theirs is now) and would like to know if he does start all over what type of wood is best? We know pine, cedar ect. are not good but what is and what is the best? Thanks again. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" />

327616-CageFrame.jpg (103 downloads)

#34069 - 01/17/05 04:09 PM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]
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You can use pine IF you shellac it. Let dry 24 hours between coats and put 4 or 5 coats on. This will prevent the wood oils (toxic oils) from seeping out and also prevent urine/wastes from seeping in and making it impossible to clean.
As for attaching the mesh to either the inside or outside of the pvc, it really doesn't matter. They can be attached with zip ties.
Good luck, I hope you/he gets it figured out!
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#34070 - 01/17/05 04:35 PM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

I would think...if you put the mesh on the inside of the PVC, then there wouldn't be much concern about the gliders getting to the apoxy...right?
Awesome frame by the way! I'm sure your babies will love it, whatever you decide to do.

#34071 - 01/18/05 11:11 AM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

When I built my PVC frame, I just used a small amount of plumber's glue on the inside of all the joints, so nothing was exposed. The joints don't really need to be bulletproof, they won't be seeing a lot of weight or stress. But as long as whatever epoxy that's exposed is dried & hardened, it should be fine.

You could try attaching the mesh to the inside of the frame. The only tricky part I can envision to doing that is if you draw the mesh too tightly out to the frame, your zip ties could in theory rip through on the corners. But it would take a lot of force/stress for it to tear, the stuff is pretty tough. I doubt it would be a problem.

Best of luck . . . .

#34072 - 01/18/05 05:55 PM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

Thank you all for your responses. I think he has decided to give it up, once he gets frustrated he's a goner lol. I think we might have found a cage to buy instead, but if not I will repost with any other questions that might arise if he continues to build our own.

#34073 - 01/18/05 06:43 PM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]
Charlie H Offline
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The pvc glue and pipe should be safe. Remember that is what is used in many homes to deliver drinking water.
Charlie H
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#34074 - 01/18/05 10:13 PM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]
hushpuppy Offline
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Yes PVC glue is safe. We made some bird cages once simalar to the one that you have the frame built for. We used a funny looking screw that has a piece of green plastic on it about the size of a quarter to attach the plastic net. I'm not sure what they were but I think they were for roofs. If you hubby wants to give it another try, I can find out what the were.
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#34075 - 01/19/05 03:45 AM Re: Cage questions, PVC pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

[:"blue"] I would encourage you to continue with your cage project. That cage is a wonderful size and I would be very surprised if you could find a comparably sized cage for less than a king's ransom. Yeah.....there is a little work involved and a little frustration; but I guarantee you that when you see your gliders cavorting in such a spacious cage you will be satisfied that the effort was well rewarded!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" /> [/]

#34076 - 01/19/05 07:30 AM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

No don't give up. That is such a great start. The cage looks like it would be so nice. I would do the mesh on the inside that way they can't get to any glue that you might worry about. Tell your hubby to not give up <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />

#34077 - 01/19/05 08:04 AM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

Do not use apoxy just put the pipe together if the glider eat any of the opoxy it will made them very sick.Wood will smell after it is pee on ,try a reptile cage it about 5x3x3 cost 75 dollars and the best part you can put it in the wash

#34078 - 01/19/05 09:16 AM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

Wood won't smell if it's properly coated <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#34079 - 01/19/05 08:49 PM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

Thanks everyone! He is going to go ahead and build it eventually but we really need to get them out of the cage they are in. We got really lucky and found a large cage at a very reasonable price from Skybluegliders! This way hubby will have peace of mind and be able to work on the extra cage as time permits and then we will have a third cage if the need ever arises. Thanks again for all the feedback, I am sure I will be referring back to these as he builds the extra cage!

#34080 - 01/23/05 01:53 AM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]
Winkle Offline
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people have given you great answers, i must just say the cage looks excellent right now, its a great size. keep on building and the gliders will love it
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#34081 - 01/23/05 10:07 AM Re: Cage questions, pvc pipe with plastic mesh [Re: ]

Once it is finished, let me know if you have any good pointer on how to build myself one like that!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


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