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#34190 - 01/18/05 11:51 PM Stopping a finger biter!!!!

I have a female who is approx. a year and a half old. We've had her about 10 months. She loves to bite my fingers. When we first got her she would bite any piece of skin she could get a hold of. I gradually worked with her and took bite after bite. Now she only really bites fingers. She will occasionally bite me on the arm, but I believe that to be grooming related. When she's on my arm she will rub her chest, lick and bite at my arm hair. When she does this she occasionally gets skin. I usually tell her NO and she quits. The problem now is the finger thing. She is tame enough to climb up my arm and sit on my shoulder. She will even groom my goatee. She always seems happy to see me, and when she's awake if I walk by the cage she always comes to the front and waits by the door until I get her out. I get her out every nite to play. I have to make a fist with my hand and offer her the backside of my hand and she will crawl onto it and crawl straight up to my shoulder and say hi. If I offer the palm of my hand where she can see fingers she instantly bites them. She doesn't crab, hiss or make any noises whatsoever when she bites them. She doesn't smell them or lick them first, she just opens her mouth and sinks her EXTREMELY sharp teeth into them. If I don't stop her from doing this she continues to bite until a chunk of finger is missing. I apologize if that statement grossed anyone out.(I tried once to tough it out just to see how long she would go before stopping, she never did stop on her own.) Whenever I have her out all my fingers have to be tucked away in a fist. We have a total of 5 gliders and she is the only one who does this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated by me and my fingers. Thanks

#34191 - 01/19/05 08:04 AM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]
Srlb Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 10/30/03
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Loc: St. Johns, Florida
Try using licky treats. Put some good yummy stuff, yogurt, hawaiin delight ect., on your fingers and soon instead of biting your fingers she will be licking them.
Also continue doing what you are doing and telling her no in a firm yet loving voice and sooner or later she will get the hang of it!
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Sorry it took so long for a response.
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#34192 - 01/19/05 11:02 AM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]

When I'm using licky treats is the only time she doesn't bite my fingers. It's just when I'm not using them I have to be careful or I'll lose a finger. I've tried washing my hands w/ all sorts of different soaps, scented and unscented. I've tried wiping my hands w/ unscented baby wipes. Nothing I've tried seems to work. Last night for example, she crawled out onto the back of my hand like she always does. She then proceeded to crawl around to the palm side of my hand where my Left index finger wasn't hidden as well as it should have been, and bit down REALLY hard. I put her back in her cage and had blood running down my finger. She was a rescue that we acquired, could this behavior be linked to something that has happened to her in her past? Thanks in advance, she just has me so confused on what to do.

#34193 - 01/19/05 09:48 PM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]

Not a very nice thing at all! I have a little male I just got a couple weeks ago, and he is all about the biting too. He gives no warning whatsoever as well, then just chomps down for a little finger meal. If I have him out though for quite awhile, he tends to be better and I can actually pick him up without losing any digits, but it is out of the question at first. I can't really help you, as this is the first glider I have had too with this problem. I'm hoping with time my little guy will bond to me and be nice, but right now he seems like a glider from that fiery place. He's a devil glider. I am interested as to what everyone will say to this thread. Hopefully both of us can get something out of it.

#34194 - 01/20/05 01:49 AM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]
Xfilefan Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/22/03
Posts: 8899
Loc: Jacksonville, FL
What it sounds like to me is that she is convinced those fingers contain licky treats, whether offered or not, and is trying to get the "tree branch" to give up it's "sap". Maybe try a yogurt drop or something to occupy her when you bring her out, so she gets the idea that fingers give her things that aren't necessarily attached?
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#34195 - 01/20/05 12:03 PM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]

Zoe does the same thing, only she's a chewer, she doesn't draw blood unless she's mad. She'll chew and chew on my hands, fingers, and nails until I just can't take it anymore and stick her in my sweater or something. It's totally not aggressive or anything, just some sort of playing. Zoe is a teenager though, so I sort of figured it had something to do with that. My hands look like ground beef though, so I feel your pain!

#34196 - 01/21/05 06:32 PM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]

I read a good idea from this forum somewhere and it worked for my little finger biter - I use the (pst pst) sound like they do when they get mad at eachother and when they bite just make that sound - it worked!! she will bite once and I make the sound and she stops and licks me--- weird LOL

#34197 - 01/27/05 08:47 AM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]

hi sweden here! hmmm sorry for my bad english!!! i have study gliders for 6years now and i have one whit the exakt same (prolem) its their thing to do when they are playing and check things out and so on... but if you play and let them be outside the cage MUCH MORE than now... workt for me..hmm my best friend and ultra tame glider SNOGGIS past away last week 2005-01-18 time:15.30 and i miss him so i can die!he could shake hand when he got a cricket and he sad hi every morning and blinking his i just have his babies and the mother and she was a maajor finger biter at first but not now...mvh joakim

#34198 - 02/03/05 05:35 PM Re: Stopping a finger biter!!!! [Re: ]

I think biting goes with the territory. Gliders are not mean ,just mouthy, everything goes into the mouth for a taste. I think the only way to truely get a non biter is froma breeder who has breed for this disposition. Also you must work with them at an extemely young (joey) age


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