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#34456 - 01/21/05 03:24 AM Giardia Treatment

Hey, I could use some suggestions/ideas on how to supplement the treatmet of this parasite.

what I am doing...
subq-if needed
boil the water
priscillas diet
use frozen fruit+veggie-rinse
baby food

Any more ideas would be helpful
I do not want to loose callie.
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#34457 - 01/21/05 05:34 AM Re: Giardia Treatment [Re: ]
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Here is a good older thread on Giardia. Lots of info and a couple of links. Wish I could help more, I've never dealth with it personally. Hope this helps some, and your babies feel better soon!

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#34458 - 01/21/05 11:15 AM Re: Giardia Treatment [Re: ]
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I have not had personal experience with this problem but from all the posts I have read it seems you are doing things just right.
One thing that has been suggested to help is a couple hours after giving the meds, give her some yogurt. It contains the good bacteria gliders need in their digestive system that the meds might kill off. Besides, if your glider is like mine, she'll love it!
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#34459 - 01/21/05 06:09 PM Re: Giardia Treatment [Re: ]
Judie Offline
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Giradia is spead through the glider's wet droppings. So, the glider's cage along with all it's accessories need to be washed in very Hot water with 10% Bleach and an antibacterial soap. Rinse thourghly and then dry. As to things made of material...wash in very Hot water with antibacterial soap, then rinse and dry in a hot dryer.

Keep cage and all things very clean inside it. IF need clean the area several times during the evening and morning of any fecal matter.

Wash your hands well with a good antibacterial soap and hot water after handeling the glider.

If you have more than one glider...all need to be treated to avoid further outbreaks of Giardia from cross contamination.
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#34460 - 01/21/05 08:44 PM Re: Giardia Treatment [Re: ]
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yes as judie says u must clean with bleach everything and i would wash your hhands and put on clean clothes each time u handle your glider when shes better use spring water as giardia is found in tap water and sometimes fruit not washed good enough


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