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#34821 - 01/25/05 03:39 PM Diet and bad nails?

Sometime ago when I bought a breeder glider from a bad breeder I noticed her nails where over grown. Once trimmed they where fine and never needed it again.

On the first I rescued some glider that came from bad home. Dirty and poor diet. One had very bad and over grown nails. I trimmed then and now they are growing in fine.

So my question is can poor diet make nails over grow or environment? May be a little of both? Now I'm not talking about trimming up the nails so you cut back on all the scratches they give you. I'm talking about over grown it because of diet or environment...or a little of both?


#34822 - 01/25/05 03:43 PM Re: Diet and bad nails? [Re: ]

I would think environment can definitely contribute. If there's nothing in their environment that will naturally trim their nails (a tree, wheel, whatever) then they will over grow. I know in humans that there are certain vitamins that contribute to nail growth, and if the same applies in a glider then diet would definitely contribute. I don't know if an otherwise healthy glider would have nail problems in an environment without anything like a tree branch that would help them keep their nails trimmed, though I would imagine that it would.

#34823 - 01/25/05 04:21 PM Re: Diet and bad nails? [Re: ]

I do not think diet can contribute enough to nail growth to any significant extent. As Faierie said, it is all about the environment. A big thing is branch width if you use branches (remember, always fruit and non-"barky" types), make sure the width of the branch or at least the main part where the glider runs on is not so thin that it wraps its entire hands around. With a wider branch, the glider's nails are being worn down because they are forced into contact with it, and are not just wrapped around so only the palms are touching. Some gliders I have heard as well, just tend to naturally have nails that are fast growing, as some parrots do, some also have this problem with their beaks. If you little guy is like this, just make sure you keep its nails short enough that it won't get caught up in anything. But remember, not too short!

#34824 - 01/25/05 07:45 PM Re: Diet and bad nails? [Re: ]
Lucy Offline
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There is a theory that once a glider has been ill, the nails can grow differently. I don't know that I believe that, but I do know that the one glider I have that has been ill in the past has nails that are thick, tough and somewhat ingrown. I have great difficulty keeping his nails trimmed in such a way that he can get around well. I constantly feel bad about this, and wish I could find a good answer to it.

But I don't think diet has anything to do with it.

#34825 - 01/26/05 04:09 AM Re: Diet and bad nails? [Re: ]
Xfilefan Offline
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I think it can play a part. In people, those with vitamin B and folic acid deficiencies tend to have nails that are thin, brittle, easy to split, and slow growing, and similar problems with hair (which is actually the same composite makeup as fingernails, only with more pigment.) I don't think overgrowing is diet related, just lack of care/trimming. The one glider I have that was on a horrible diet, has terrible nails, and had the bad nails before he was ill, but that's just my experience. They certainly look nicer now with a good diet, as does his coat (hair and nails thing again) but will always grow funny at this point. I also have two girls that came to me on a bad diet (not nearly as old when we got them, though), and were severely overgrown when they came home. Took several trims to get it under control. The one thing all 3 have in common, is before the nails completely regrew under the new diet, trimming them tended to make them split and they were very brittle and dry feeling. They are fine now. I don't think this applies to every case, but I do believe it does in some. JMHO
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