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#35785 - 02/02/05 10:10 PM Uh Oh..

I just had a decent bonding session with Zayne. Hes actually really laid back for an 11wk old baby who's only been here for a day. He was taking mealies from inside his pouch, and he was also loving yogurt drops we gave him. My boyfriend put his hand up to Zayne, and he crawled right onto him, and briefly went pee. LOL. Well, my concern is:
After getting on my boyfriends hand, he then crawled up his arm, onto is shoulder, onto his back and then leaped onto the blinds that were behind us. We had to follow him around the room, trying to catch him, so he wouldnt get lost. I finally got him off the floor, and he crabbed and crabbed. Do you think this little "chase" we had might have messed up the bonding process? We gave him a yogurt drop when he got to his cage (After i picked him up and had to grip him so he wouldnt escape again). I know gliders dont like a closed fist, but i couldnt help it! He wouldnt let us catch him and I didnt want him to hurt himself!!! *sigh* Any advice will be appreciated

#35786 - 02/02/05 10:39 PM Re: Uh Oh.. [Re: ]

I don't know if it will take you backwards, or not. Since he's not had a traumatic life so far, he may well forgive you. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Next time try offering him his pouch to jump in to. My two will usually go into their pouch except in the morning if they are wired and want to play.

Now, with Aiden, the rescue, Corey found that if he took a thin towel and dropped it on Aiden and scooped him up that Aiden doesn't even crab - and this little guy crabs if you even look at him half the time! Chasing Aiden seemed to take the whole taming thing backwards (I'm not sure he'll ever bond, we're just trying to get him not to hate people at this point!). Use a thin towel, rather than thick though, so that you can more easily feel where he's at and not squish him too much.

Oh, and with my pair, they seem to do ok with "hand over hand" when I've got them on my hand and I try to get them back to their cage - I just keep putting a hand in front of them and they keep jumping on it, rather than crawling up my arm.

#35787 - 02/03/05 06:58 AM Re: Uh Oh.. [Re: ]

I use the hand over hand method as well. Makes them feel like they are in control, LOL. Next time he's out, offer the pouch. Keep an eye on him, but don't chase him all around the room. Xander is always scaling the curtains and door frames, I just keep an eye on him. At first I would scoop him up because I always did that with my old glider Taz, and he didn't really care as long as he got a treat out of the deal. Xander on the other hand started hating me worse, if that's possible. There's not much you can do to stop them from climbing, and I mean, thats their thing, so why try. Just keep an eye and offer the pouch. That's how I get Xander back, he'll always climb in, and he's completely wild! LOL. Good luck with your little Zayne, and I like the name! Very cool!

#35788 - 02/03/05 08:42 AM Re: Uh Oh.. [Re: ]

Thanks to both of you....but I did try the pouch infront of him and he looked at us as if he wanted to say "bleep" you. LOL. He jumped right over the pouch and so close to the space heater in his room, I started flipping out! I didnt know what to do! Thats when I cornered him and had to "Grab" him. Ill try your methods next time, hopefully tonight Ill glider proof better and we can have a little better playtime. I dont have a tent <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> I need to go get one, but I have other responsibilities as well, such as baby food and diapers, so it will have to wait. Again Thanks, and if anyone else had comments and suggestions ont he subject, they will be appreciated

#35789 - 02/03/05 08:56 AM Re: Uh Oh.. [Re: ]

I had the same problem two days after I got my two babies.I have had them now almost a month and they are so clingy...They don't run around the house too much. I think they are scared of my cat so they won't take advantage of the freedom from their cage.If the do go expore something they go and then almost immediately come back pouncing on me.LOL Should I be concerned they arenot very curious? Or are they just that tame they prefer human companionship??They love looking around they just don't seem very excited about exploring by themselves.

#35790 - 02/03/05 10:55 AM Re: Uh Oh.. [Re: ]

Im hoping Zayne turns out thatw ay, only because I think it would be a lot easier to keep tabs on him!! Hehe. I wouldnt think it would be a bad thing, but Im also new, so dont take what I say to heart! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


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