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#35910 - 02/04/05 04:45 PM Doesnt want anything to do with me???

Ok, i thought I was making a little bit of progress with Zayne the past coupel days. He was letting me rub him outside, and inside his pouch and taking treats from me. I let him out to play last night and he wouldnt come to me or even go in his pouch if i was holding it. Thats ok though, but heres what happened today:
I woke him up for a split second today to give him a licky of an applesauce and sweetpotato mixture (which he loves) and then i went on to give him 3 mealies and a yogurt drop, i pet him for a second and then he was wide awake. Hes never done that before! Then he wanted out of his pouch! He jumped onto my hand, then crawled all over me until that got old, he then proceded to jump all around my room while I followed him around, trying to catch him. My mom finally came in and threw a small towel over him and put him in his pouch and i closed it. Is this normal? It was noon! He wanted to run all around, I think he was trying to get away from me! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#35911 - 02/04/05 04:59 PM Re: Doesnt want anything to do with me??? [Re: ]

Mine have done the same thing. If you give them a chance to wake up for a bit and it's a little dark in the room mine will run all over for about 20 minutes or so. There area also those out there like Gina's Monster that are daywalkers. Monster thinks it is perfectly normal to be awake all day and sleep at night.
As far as him not paying attention to you, give it time, there are still times, last night for example, that I went sulking into the living room. My hubby asked me what was wrong and I said, "They don't want to play with me tonight!" This is where the tent comes in handy. While they are still getting used to you (and after) or for not so glider-safe rooms. They are forced to interact with you and whatever you happen to bring in with you as far as toys.
Hang in there!
By the way, your little girl is adorable! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

#35912 - 02/04/05 05:28 PM Re: Doesnt want anything to do with me??? [Re: ]
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Don't get discouraged. It takes time for them to bond to where they will come to you. Try not to chase his. If you have to catch her, use a light weight towel (fleece is safer) like your mom did. The more you chase, the more he might fear you.
Yes, they can and often will want to play in the day time IF it is somewhat dark (some don't care if it is dark) or they get fully awake. Just remember to take things at his pace and be patient.
Judge not until you have walked in their shoes and lived their lives. What you see online is only part of the story.

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#35913 - 02/04/05 07:39 PM Re: Doesnt want anything to do with me??? [Re: ]

Ours are hyper for an hour to an hour and a half when we wake them up during the day. Usually they will run in thier balls, on us or crawl anywhere alse they want. They have run a few times but usually they will come right back to us. If you are just now bonding and triing to get your glider to like you. Just remember to him you are a giant. You are 700 times your gliders size. That is very intimidating. Especially if you are chasing it. As you hand feed your glider more he will get use to your scent and touch. Another thing we like to use is our tent. We got a small dome tent we set up so we can go in and play with the gliders. It is save and you know he would escape to far. This will allow him to come to you as he pleases and give you a chance to play with him. It takes them a little time to get use to the feel and sound of a tent so he might seem cauctious at first. Hope some of this has helped

#35914 - 02/05/05 12:06 AM Re: Doesnt want anything to do with me??? [Re: ]

My Damon likes to wake up for a long time during the day. At work I usually eat yogurt at lunch, and they have come to expect a little bit of it. In fact, they smell it when I open it and start pulling at the zipper on the pouch. Hehe

But for the last week or so, Damon hasn't wanted to go back to sleep. And I work in a brighly lit office! He doesn't mind the light at all, and I think if I let him, he'd stay awake all day! I usually put him in the little travel cage I have at my desk with a piece of fruit and his pouch - he gets bored then because he can't run all over my desk and will go back to sleep in the pouch.

#35915 - 02/05/05 10:15 AM Re: Doesnt want anything to do with me??? [Re: ]

Yeah, when Zayne came out and started running around, it was like noon, and the blinds were open, the sun was shining through the window, and he still wanted to go exploring! If he does that today Ill just take him down to his room and let him play I guess...I could the bonding time with him <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Hehe

#35916 - 02/05/05 11:17 AM Re: Doesnt want anything to do with me??? [Re: ]

What kind of cage do you have,how big.

#35917 - 02/05/05 10:19 PM Re: Doesnt want anything to do with me??? [Re: ]

4ft tallx 3ftwide x 18in. deep


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