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#36418 - 02/09/05 05:19 PM I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!!

Yesterday I had her out in a bonding pouch - Basically she royaly hated it and now all she does is Crab at me. She lunged at mee too and she has never done that. I gave her fleece that I had in my bra allday and she is still sleeping so I am hoping she take to my scent She pulled it down into the pouch with her. She hates the pouch she is in it is a pillow pouch but she usually sleeps in a sock shaped pouch (BY the way if neone knows who sells them let me know PLEASE!!!) DOes neone have ne advice?

#36419 - 02/09/05 05:34 PM Re: I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!! [Re: ]

If I'm thinking of the right place that sells the sock shaped pouch and pillow pouch is Their products are great!

Sorry I can't be more help with the bonding issue (I don't have any gliders yet). I'm sure someone will be along shortly. Good luck!

#36420 - 02/09/05 06:38 PM Re: I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!! [Re: ]

How long have you had her? bonding takes a lot of time, and crabbing is normal, especially in the first few weeks and months! The more patience you have, the bigger the rewards in the end! Just take it at her pace.

If it was really traumatic for her to be taken out in the pouch, back up a couple steps and just sit quietly by her cage to allow her to get used to you that way, in a less threatening situation. See if she'll approach you through the bars of the cage to take a mealworm or a licky treat like yogurt off your finger. Don't be discouraged if she won't at first, though. Time and patience are the most important things to give her.

Then after a few days of being near her cage as much as possible, put the bonding pouch in her cage as her only choice to snuggle down into when she's ready to go to sleep for the day. Then when she's sound asleep inside, gently remove it and zip or close it up and start carrying her with you. That way you don't have to upset her by transferring her from one pouch to another and she gets used to your scent while she's asleep. She'll still probably crab, but just keep it up, and she will eventually get more comfortable and stop all the noise!

Giving her the pieces of fleece that you've worn on you is a great idea too. You could also leave a T-shirt you've worn or slept in draped over her cage.

If you haven't already, check out the bonding links at the top of the page under GC links. Just remember, when you first bring home a new glider, they are almost always afraid and crabbing and striking is just what they do. It may seem like they'll never like you, but if you stay consistant and patient, it will pay off many times over in the end.

I just got my second glider last weekend, and we are going through the whole crabbing thing too. Feel free to PM me if you need anything.

#36421 - 02/09/05 06:51 PM Re: I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!! [Re: ]

PeeperKeeper has given you great advice! Just to add onto that, the crabbing may not be because she doesn't like the pouch- it's most likely she is just crabbing because you're new to her (and you're so big and scary in her eyes). Are you using her cage pouch for bonding? If so, you may want to buy a pouch just for bonding that you can hang around your neck or wear on you. Alicia (queenduck) sells a bonding pouch that doubles as a cage pouch and it's awesome. It's called a sissy pouch, and you can find her ad in Glider Things. This may help make the transition from cage to bonding much easier.

Like Peeper said, just take things slow and at her pace. Take a look at the bonding links- they should help a lot. Once you've gotten to the point where you can keep her in the bonding pouch without her being too crabby, you should DEFINITELY try buying a small dome tent from WalMart or some place like that. You can get in it at night with her and let her play. She may be a bit timid at first, but soon she will get used to it and have a ball. The small space requires her to interact with you and speeds the bonding process along.

Have fun, keep us posted, and feel free to ask any questions you may have in the future <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#36422 - 02/09/05 07:09 PM Re: I DUNNO WHAT TO DO!!! [Re: ]

She hates the bonding pouch Royaly though and Ihad to switch her out of the cage pouch she was using b/c it was discusting. I put the fleece in her cage and she pulled it donw with her nad stopped crabbing so much like she was I sat and talked to her for like an hour while she has been 1/2 awake and 1/2 asleep. SHe also hates the pouch she is in. She's in a peak aat me pouch and she loves the sock shaped one. I found online today through someone on here a web site that has them. Thanks for the hepl - I am gonna back up some and just leave her in her cage for a day or 2.


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