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#37246 - 02/17/05 01:50 PM Do I have a boy or girl?

Hi guys, we bought a little glider about a week or so ago and was told that it was female, but "she" has a distinct odor and we don't know exactly what we would be looking for to indentify the sex.

Any links/pictures would be helpful. Also, how should we hold our little glider while we check?

#37247 - 02/17/05 02:41 PM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]

It is rather easy to tell the sexes. A female glider will have a pouch. She will have an opening located in the area where a belly button would be on a human. The underside fur is white but around this pouch opening you might notice some darker discoloration, as there is a scent gland here. A male glider will not have this opening. He will have a sac, called a pompom. It looks like a small cotton ball. A mature male glider will have a bald spot on the head and a scent gland on his chest.

My female glider does have more of a smell than my male. She likes to mark me whenever she gets the chance, so yes, female gliders to "smell".

#37248 - 02/17/05 02:58 PM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]

I looked at her stomach (which she wasn't a big fan of, let me tell you) and I don't know if I'm just unexperienced with gliders or if I'm blind as a bat because I can't see a pouch or the "pom pom" of the male.

Maybe I have a unisex glider? LOL.

#37249 - 02/17/05 03:05 PM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]

Oh no you wont see the pouch. If you dont see a little sac hanging it is prob. a female. I am posting a pic of baby Echo. Here is what a boys "parts" look like.

#37250 - 02/17/05 03:21 PM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]

Yes i feel you ive had gliders for bout ummm...........5 years now and found out how to sex them only about 3 yrs ago lol really but someone had to personally show me

#37251 - 02/17/05 03:21 PM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]

hmmm it didnt take my pic...

343738-Sydney089.jpg (84 downloads)

#37252 - 02/17/05 05:05 PM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]
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You can go to the links at the top of the page under Off Site links and to BMXGirls anatomy pages. They will explain the different anatomical parts of both male and female gliders.
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#37253 - 02/17/05 09:02 PM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]

If you have a boy, you really should be able to see.. something. Really. It's very obvious. Unless my boy is just REALLY manly, it's pretty hard to miss <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

pouches, on the other hand.. Wow, I didn't see Kinta's pouch until I really closely inspected her tum.

#37254 - 02/19/05 06:17 AM Re: Do I have a boy or girl? [Re: ]
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Unless the male is neutered, with the pom-pom removed-then they can look just like a little girl without a pouch. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Here's a link to BMXgirl's site:

Gliders Uncensored

Probably the best time to look would be daytime when your little one is sleepy-a female glider's pouch is a verticle slit, meaning it runs up and down the tummy (ribcage>down), instead of across the tummy like a kangaroo. HTH.
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