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#37650 - 02/22/05 10:36 AM boy??????

When I got my babies a few weeks ago, the pet shop said they were male and female, and that 'she' had a baby previously, the more I look at them , they both look like boys...... One DEFINATLY is (i've seen his penis <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />), the other i'm still not sure <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />, but now i am noticing that 'she' is getting a spot on her head that looks like his scent gland, i have not been able to get a good look at 'her' underside, so i just dont know, it really doesnt matter, but i would like to know so i'm not insulting 'her' by calling her a good girl or vice cersa. So i guess my question is, do females have any kind of a gland on there head, or do i really have 2 boys <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />? Thanks for any help <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#37651 - 02/22/05 11:04 AM Re: boy?????? [Re: ]

Your female might be rubbing her head on the cage or over grooming herself. Females do not get the same bald patterns on the head as males. However, if a female is stressed she may overgroom causing bald areas on her head. Overgrooming can also be caused by another glider.
Underneathe the male will have a pom pom or little sac. This is easliy visible. The female has a pouch. It looks like a belly button..a little hole. The fur around this pouch may be discolored as it has scent glands in it. You can take a look at this easily by placing the female in the cage and holding a treat to make her climb the bars and expose her belly.
If you wish you may take a pic and we will look at it and tell you.
I hope this helps.

#37652 - 02/23/05 07:50 AM Re: boy?????? [Re: ]

Well after a closer look last night, the one I wasnt sure about, i now think is a boy, there is no pouch, and he has a pom pom, but it looks different than the other, one has pom poms right up tight to his body, the other one has 'a' pom and it is hanging down about a 1/4 of a inch on a thin thread like thing. Sorry for the poor description, but its a hard thing to describe. I moved it around and it didnt bother him, but i also didnt see his penis, the other one's came out when i was 'examining'.??? Sorry for sounding gross so early in the morning, but i'm just trying to find out what (or who) i have. I dont have a digital camera YET, so i cant send any pictures, so any comments would be helpful. Thanks

#37653 - 02/23/05 08:03 AM Re: boy?????? [Re: ]

New mom, without a picture, i cant really say what that is. if a bald spot on top is smelling like a scent gland, and looking like the males. by the way how old are they?

#37654 - 02/23/05 08:21 AM Re: boy?????? [Re: ]

The one in question has a small bald spot, the place i bought them from said that they were about 1 year old, but they also said that they were male and female and that 'she' had babies before, so i really dont know.

#37655 - 02/23/05 02:51 PM Re: boy?????? [Re: ]
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Females do not have a gland on the head, and neither will a male that has been neutered in some cases. The poms don't hang all the time-when young and just going into puberty, the pom may be close to the body-things relax more, especially due to warmth, as they get older (there will be times it hangs, and times it stays closer to the body). In a neutered male that still has the sac (empty), it will stay close to the body since nothing in there that needs temperature regulating. With the absence of a pouch on either one, I'd say you've probably got two males, there. Here's a link to BMXgirl's glider anatomy page that might help:

Gliders Uncensored

Keep in mind that one or both may be younger than you were told, especially if either an error was made, or they were trying to pass off a male as a female (or maybe just didn't realize the difference).
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