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#38006 - 02/25/05 07:17 AM Bonding/ Biting

Hey everyone! I just adopted a neglected sugar glider from a client at the veterinary clinic where I am a technician. I have successfully switched him over to BML diet with fruits, veggies and insects (pelleted diet during the day), and he as adapted to the change very well. He is about 1 1/2 years old and has been passed thru several homes over his life and has never really been handled because he bites. I have not even had him a week yet, and I have got him to the point that he will come up to the side of the cage and let me pet him. But as soon as I try to remove his pouch from the cage to carry it with me or if I try to pick him up he starts biting. I have been handling him even though he bites because I don't want to teach him that if he bites that I will put him back in his cage. Does anyone have any suggestions for bonding and teaching not to bite?? I realize that this will take time and patience, I am just looking for suggestions to make the procedure as less traumatic as possible for this little guy, he has already been through so much.


#38007 - 02/25/05 09:08 AM Re: Bonding/ Biting [Re: ]

sounds like you are on the right track. There is much info about bonding if you explore the green buttons at the top of the screen.
There was one story I read on here the other day in which a person decided that he was going to try something to see if it would work. He just stuck his hand inside the pouch and left it there allowing the glider to crab and bite as long as he felt the need to. The person didn't move or pull away or anything until the glider stopped biting him. After that he didn't have any more problems with the glider as it knew that it could trust him.
Don't remember whose story that was though. Also that is not the only way to get a glider to trust you.
Good job on the rescue! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/yelclap.gif" alt="" />
And Congratulations on your new little furbutt!

#38008 - 02/25/05 12:13 PM Re: Bonding/ Biting [Re: ]

I also can not reach into the pouch without being bitten. I am not a friend of pain so this in not something I want to do.
My solution was to use the same pouch in the cage as I do for wearing around with my glider in it for bonding. It has hooks to hook on the cage that also hooks on a strap that I can hang around my neck. It has a draw string that I can pull shut to keep the glider in when I am wearing it. When it is in the cage the bag is opened all the way. I made the drawstring just long enough that when the bag is open the knotted ends are all that hang out. I put that to the outside of the cage to keep the glider from messing with them. So there is nothing for it to get it's nails caught on or themselves tangle up in.

Hope that helps


#38009 - 02/25/05 12:34 PM Re: Bonding/ Biting [Re: ]
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Jackie, Welcome to GC. sounds like you are doing great so far. As he is an older glider that has never learned to trust, it can take a while for him to learn you aren't going to hurt him or worse, dessert him. Time and consistancy are going to be your best tools. With gliders, especially "rescues" you have to work at the gliders pace. Using the bonding pouch for a cage pouch is a good idea. It allows them to feel more secure. Licky treats on your fingers will help also, that way when ever he goes to bite, he gets a goodie and will soon learn that you are offering him something good.
From my own experience, I have learned that if I give them up to two weeks in the cage with out trying to wear the bonding pouch during the day seemed to help. Sit by the cage and talk to him, offer treats either through the bars or with you hand inside the cage but never try to chase him. This way he learns you hand isn't a threat. Once he is comfortable with your hand and taking treats and even you petting him while he is munching on treats, then try the bonding pouch again. This is how I do things but every glider is different.
Under the green buttons at the top on Off Site links, there are links for bonding that will offer great suggestions.
If there is anything we can do to help, just ask!
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#38010 - 02/27/05 08:23 PM Re: Bonding/ Biting [Re: ]

Thanks for the tip Jackie. I have been leaving the bonding pouch that I use for Malachi in his cage. Hopefully it will help with him becoming more comfortable with me. Now when I open his cage he does go straight to the pouch, I'm not sure if it is to hide from me or if he wants me to take the pouch out with him in it. But he seems to be adjusting to his new home well...I know it will just take time for him to trust me. Thanks for all the tips everyone!!!

#38011 - 03/01/05 07:22 AM Re: Bonding/ Biting [Re: ]

My younger sister's glider is sort of nippy too. He is still real skitzy of her.I can handle him better than she can.He has never bit me but Im not around him as much.I told her this: They react to you they sometimes will bit to see your reaction.If you don't react they will stop.If you yell or jump/jerk back that encourages them to bite again. For some reason they think it is funny....


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