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#38110 - 02/25/05 11:07 PM Neep Help ASAP Please

Ok well my gliders... not sure which one <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/upset.gif" alt="" />.. decided to beat up on lil squirt <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tantrum.gif" alt="" /> after he was finally getting better from the last time.. so this was my final draw, I have had enough, he's not going back in there anymore... So now I have a problem, he came oop on Feb 1st, and he's just a lil guy... Right now I am holding him with me, I have gotten him to take a few licks of puppy milk, and stimulated him so he could go potty... but I need to know what I can do..

I don't have a reptarium, and currently don't have the money to go buy one.. the only heating pad I have I am afraid would catch on fire or something.. so is there something I can do... Should I give him lots of extra blankets?? We are going to keep him in our bedroom which is the warmest room in the house... I really need someones help as my mind is completely blown... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crying.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crying.gif" alt="" />

#38111 - 02/25/05 11:17 PM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please [Re: ]
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Awww, I hope the poor little one is ok. I don't blame you at all for pulling him. At the top of Breeding and Babies there is a sticky that tells how to feed a joey. The fact that he is almost 4 weeks oop is really in your favor. You can feed baby BML which is the bml with out egg shells and without wheat germ.
I have never had to hand raise a joey so I'm a little out of my league here. I do know he needs to be kept warm and has to be warm or he won't eat. I'm sure someone with first hand experience will come along to help you out. Hang in there!
Judge not until you have walked in their shoes and lived their lives. What you see online is only part of the story.

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#38112 - 02/25/05 11:22 PM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please [Re: ]

OK I am not the best for the job but I can give you some advice.

More then likley dad is the abuser why dont if you have a spare cage put dad in there. Seems like your doing good with the little joey now. Try to keep him warm.

If you can try and see if you can put him and mom together with out any problems.

If it ends up that she is the abuser your in deeper then you thought. You are going to have to get a surange(sp) and get a joey BML mix and mix it up yeah it might be hard at this time of night if no one helps you on proper surange(sp) use I will try and get Judie or some other people i know to come here and help you ok.

#38113 - 02/25/05 11:24 PM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please [Re: ]

Yes do try to keep him warm. You can put towells in the dryer to warm them for him, but that would not last too long. Give him blankets, fleece or a wash cloth (mine love towells) You might have to wakeup to feed him during the night...I'd set an alarm to get up at least twice if you can. Do you have any place to keep him? I would make a trip to a store if possible to get a heating pad, some milk, and a place for him to stay.
I wish you such good luck, hopefully someone will be along to give you more advice

#38114 - 02/25/05 11:30 PM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: ]

well its definetly not dad... he has been super great.. and we've had to use ointment on him before because momma was getting him.. we have two other joeys in the same cage and they have never been hurt at all... my other momma had helped me take care of this lil guy the first time he got beat up... which was when panga cannibolized her other I'm stuck at a loss for words to say what I think.. or maybe my mind is so rattled I just don't know what to think...

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#38115 - 02/26/05 12:03 AM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: ]

He definitely needs a heating pad. I experienced this exact thing with my little Gizmo. I fed him puppy milk formula mixed with baby (human) pedialyte.

1 Teaspoon puppy milk powder formula + 3 teaspoon Pedialyte
(1 part formula to 3 parts Pedialyte or water)
You can purchase Pedialyte in any Pharmacy.

The pedialyte will keep him from getting dehydrated. After a month or so you can slowly replace the Pedialyte with water a little bit at a time.

Gizmo is so healthy now! Heat is the best medicine for them though, and to deprive him of that wouldn't be fair. Heating pads are only $15 - $20, so worth it! I used an eye-dropper for Gizmo for feeding, it's easier than a syringe. Make sure the food is warm to your touch. Test it on your wrist, it needs to feel warm, but not hot. If it's too cold, or if baby is cold, the food won't digest and he won't eat. If he's not eating, it's not because he's not hungry, either the food is too cold, or he's taken a few licks and needs a break. Be persistent! Feed every four hours during the day, and during the night for the first week at least. You'll do fine as long as he's fed and warm. Good luck, keep us posted!
Keep the heating pad on 'low' setting, no higher!

If you don't have a reptarium, that's okay for the first few days, put him in a box that he can't get out of. He will crawl around, but put lots of Kleenex in the box, and a lid with lots of tiny holes in it for ventilation. That's about the only thing I can think of for now... I wouldn't use dryer towels, or microwaved towels, because they're so hot, and then will cool down within minutes. Temperature should be between 70 - 90 F.

Edited by Paula (02/26/05 12:14 AM)

#38116 - 02/26/05 12:17 AM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: Incerta]

ok.. the heating pad that we have... we are scared to put in the cage with him.. we don't have a reptarium.. I don't know if it would get too hot in there.. and I don't want it to catch on fire... I'm going to be trying to feed him again here in a few because he only took a couple of licks when I tried the first time.. I have a cyringe that I have been using.. but, he usually won't eat from that.. I have to put the milk in my hand for him.. and he will only take a few licks and then he moves away.. we heat him up before the feedings.. we also heat the milk.... ugh... darn that Panga...

#38117 - 02/26/05 12:21 AM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: ]

Put the heating pad underneath the box, with a towel in between. If it still feels too warm, put a towel in the bottom of the cage/box too. If you have a thermometer, check the temp.. 70 - 90 F.
sounds like the food may be getting cold too fast. Another thing I used to do with Gizmo, I'd wrap him in kleenex while feeding so he wouldn't get chilled. It'll take a few tries the first few feedings. But keep trying, put the food container in a cup with warm water to keep it warm while feeding. Keep checking the temperature... takes LOTS of patience, trust me... but you'll do fine.

ps. I have my heating pads on for months at a time with my baby birds, and Gizmo's pad's been on for two months now. (despite the warning labels... they never catch fire)

Sorry to carry on here... but in the morning, carry him around in the 'cleavage' if you can, in a sports bra. Nice and warm and you won't have to worry about your heating pad.

Edited by Paula (02/26/05 12:27 AM)

#38118 - 02/26/05 08:03 AM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: Incerta]

I am so sorry! I sent you a PM.
<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" />

#38119 - 02/26/05 09:21 AM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: ]

Well first of all I know Angie gave you some great advise so listen to her . Second of all also get in touch with Sheila at To & Fro Gliders. I was talking with her a few days ago and she tolod me about a video that is on her site . It shows how to feed a joey. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. Your baby will be fed in 5 mins instead of 30 minutes and you won't have to force feed if he takes the milk Sheila's way. I had to start doing it a couple days ago and it is great.
Your Friend Dawnie
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#38120 - 02/26/05 09:09 PM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: ]

You can get one of those little tanks for mice like this to keep it in:

if you are worried about the heating pad you can maybe try a hot water bottle in a towel or a 3 dollar heat pack that they sell at sports stores. Or perhaps just a really tall glass of warm water would give off heat. just make sure it is tall enough so the baby can't fall inside.

#38121 - 02/26/05 09:45 PM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: ]

yeah.. I already found out about sheila's way of feeding.. talked to her on the phone back on like feb 7th .. the first time the problems started.. darn cracker jack vet... wouldn't believe me... instead of having his "wing" he's got scar tissue from where momma got him.. ugh.. so.. grrrr... I don't know what else to say besides that...

#38122 - 02/27/05 01:10 PM Re: Neep Help ASAP Please desperately [Re: ]
minkasmom Offline
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I'm rooting for you, dear, even though I've never been in your shoes!

A "warm" water bottle would be more helpful than a heating pad if you don't trust what you've got. (Even taking a ziploc baggie that WON'T leak & filling it up w/ warm water will suffice...just put some extra insulation between you and baby so the temp isn't too high)

I also hear you about these "so-called" vets: I was cleaning house yesterday & found the diagnostic sheet on my little sweetheart Wendy Darling. (Mis-diagnosing a lethal kidney infection for dehydration...and she has gliders of her own, too! bah humbug)

Getting up every 2 hours thru the night to feed isn't fun. But hang in there, and have faith!
Minkasmom (Papillon Kisses)
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#38123 - 02/27/05 06:15 PM picture of Lil Squirts face.. [Re: ]

ok.. well here's a pic of the face where he got attacked... its kinda blurry but, you can't expect a kodak pic from a camera phone... I'll try to get some more of it in better light.. and some of the head where he hasn't got hair..

349087-LilSquirtssoreface.jpg (28 downloads)

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#38124 - 02/27/05 11:00 PM Re: picture of Lil Squirts face.. [Re: ]

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thinkerg.gif" alt="" /> What about putting some rice in a tube sock and heating that in the microwave? That will hold heat for a lil while, and is much safer than a faulty heating pad. I have never used this method with gliders, but have used it with human kids. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" /> Just a thought. Hope it helps.
I wish you lots of luck with the wee one. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" />


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