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#38277 - 02/27/05 01:15 PM How do you get them OUT of the tent?

Okay, I just got my first sugar glider. She is 3 months old. So far I think the bonding process is going okay. I got her last week, and shes been licking my fingers, and jumping on my hand occasionally, plus she doesn't crab as much when shes in the bonding pouch. I'm just confused. If I bring her in the tent to bond with, how do I get her to come out? Any methods or tips?
Thank you so much. <333

#38278 - 02/27/05 01:54 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

well i dont use a tent, but when i let them out and its time to go back in i just pick them up and put them in their cage. Or does she run away from you or bite?? I have one that if i walk up beside and stand still (like a tree) she will jump on me and then i can walk back to the cage and put her in. Even though she is bonded to me she will jump on anyone like that. My other suggie who isnt as bonded will usually willingly go into her pouch, which i can then take to the cage. Sometimes you can get them to crawl into a t-shirt and then take it to the cage. Then theres the food tactic. When you find a treat they just love save it for when you need to get her to go to her cage. If it doesnt work to lure her to you and take her to the cage, lure her into a pouch and take that to the cage.

#38279 - 02/27/05 02:22 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

she has bitten me several times, but like i said i just got her last week, I don't think she would let me pick her up though, but I'm not scared to try, I just don't want her to not trust me because of it. I figured I'd wait another week, before trying the tent, or glider safe room, so by then, hopefully she'll trust me more. Like I said, the bonding process is going pretty well, I THINK. Shes only bitten me 3 times, and the first time was when I was zipping up her bonding pouch, and the other 2 times were when I was giving her a treat inside the pouch. I probably intimidated her A LOT by doing that. I bring her to work with me inside her pouch. And so far she's licked me and (actually tried to EAT my finger because the juice froma fruit leaked on to me) she plays with the feather teaser. And one time my cat made a loud noise (he knocked something over) and she got startled, and hide under my arm *which was in her cage.* She's also jumped on to my hand/arm a couple times. I don't know how long it takes to actually get them to trust you. But I am being patient <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Anyone have any advice on bonding also?

#38280 - 02/27/05 03:23 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

well michelle i am in the same situation as you, ive had my suggies for a week now and they have been doing awesome with the bonding and i thought how would i be able to get them into the pouch when tent time is over. Well i tried my first tent time last nite. It was great! It took them around an hour to actually come out and get aquainted with the new area. I almost fell asleep waiting for them to explore, but it was deffinetly worth the wait. The first one out was Gemina and as soon as she came out and realized that since the tent is plastic and she cant grip it when she jumps, I would be a good jungle gym. I was sitting by the door with the mesh part and she would jump on that climb around jump on me and run all around me.. She never left me.. I got a few face hugs and it was Great. Adeline did the same thing tho she was a lil more timid but she stayed on me the whole time. So i guess they feel safe one me.. yay. Anyways enough gloating about my tent time, I'll get to the point. haha sorry, just excited to share. Anyways when it was time to put them back in the pouch i know adeline is more coorporative cuz she lets me hold her and pick her up and stuff so i scooped her in first and than tryed to get Gemina but Addie got outin the process, when they were hanging on the mesh i just put the pouch up to Gem and kinda scooped her paws into with the edge of the pouch and eventually she slid in, than i was able to do the same with Addie, than i zipped it up and WALA! Hope it works as easy for you as it did for me, hope it helps. I also hope that it would be just as easy tonite since i know they are gonna be more used to the tent and prob not give in so easily to leave. Have fun with the babies, tent time deff improved bonding. Gem lets me pet her now, but she is way more independent than Addie.

#38281 - 02/27/05 05:54 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

I think your asking how to get them to come out in the tent. My little girl wouldnt come out during our first tent time, but i did it during the day... i didnt know to do it at night,. So I tried it again at night and offered some treats and insects and laid back and she came right out:) Just make sure your doing it when she is normally active, maybe try to wake her up and feed them then leave her alone for a while to let her wake up. Then do the tent time, It works wonders:) Mine used to crab alot and bite now shes a little sweety and will climb onto my hand whenever I put it in her cage:) Good luck:)

#38282 - 02/27/05 05:56 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

I'm a glider lover!!!

#38283 - 02/27/05 10:15 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

I use a tent with Sebastian, he just loves it. I've strung fake vines & stuff that he just loves to swing on normally using my head as a catapult. Sometimes I lay on the bottom with my legs up, he likes to climb to the top & dive bomb me. I always bring a pouch in with me, sometimes he'll actually get tired before me & go into it, than I just pick up the pouch & put it back in his cage. Most times he has more energy than all my grand children so I have to intice him a little. I bring in a worm in a box, than when playtime is over I toss the worm into his pouch, he dives right in & than I put him & the pouch away. (the trick is to hide the box with the worm until it's time cause Sebastian knows whats in the box) Now the minute he sees the box he jumps into his pouch <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/multi.gif" alt="" /> cause he knows whats coming.

#38284 - 02/27/05 10:36 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]
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I just want to add a little something that is slightly off topic. When I take mine in the tent, I gently make them come out of the pouch. Some times this is as easy as just tipping the pouch up to where they climb/slide/fall out (holding it right on the ground, not up in the air). Sometimes I turn the pouch inside out. I generally try to wake them up first. I found that taking in a few mealies with me works great on waking them up.
Then once they are out of the pouch, I hide it so they can't retreat to it. I rarely have to do that anymore though thankfully. They just like the tent so much they want to play.

As for getting them back into the pouch at the end of play time, that is another story. When it is just me and two of the gliders, it isn't that hard but when I take the colony in to play, catching 6 is a bit difficult. I have a small carry cage (8x8x10inches) and as I catch one, I put him/her in the little cage. Once I have all of them in the cage it makes taking them back to their house much easier!
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#38285 - 02/28/05 01:39 AM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

Perhaps try to lure them into a pouch or your hand with a treat. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#38286 - 02/28/05 06:12 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

YAY! i'm not the only one with the problem! Lilo and Stitch are pretty good about crawling back into there pouch at the end of tent time...but Norman ya he isnt a fan...if i pick him up to bring him out he jumps back in, try to put him in his pouch he wants out! its all to get back IN the tent! i tried using a treat...he grabbed it and ran laughing the whole way!


#38287 - 02/28/05 06:44 PM Re: How do you get them OUT of the tent? [Re: ]

yea i just found out its not as easy to get them back in the pouch after tent time the 2nd night considering they got used to the tent and were having WAY TOO much fun!! lol.. it was a great time but i figured they had to be hungry from being in the tent for so long. It was hard to get em in the pouch, i got one in than when i went to get the other one in, the one that was in there would crawl out. Finally after an hour of trying than just giving in, hopeing they would get tired, I decided to get one in, give it to my boyfreind, he put that one in the cage than gave me back the pouch so i could get the other one in and put her in the cage. That worked out better. I even put some mealworms in the pouch hoping they would pounce in there to get their treet but no, the tent was more important. lol now the only thing is they are getting really used to my hands and want to be outa the cage more and more. Whenever i go to the cage they run to the door and when i open the door Adeline hops on my hand and arm hoping to have some more play time. If I felt my room was safer for them to play in i would just let them out in there but i dont feel comfortable with them running around my room just yet. At least not until they would come to my hand when play time is up <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> 3 hours of playtime was fun and i would have loved to stay in there longer if i wasnt so tired. lol but they'll get their time again tonight! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/muchlove.gif" alt="" />


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