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#3867 - 09/02/02 06:45 PM Milo's adventure

Well me and my friend we're playing with Milo, my 8 week oop joey. We put him back in the cage and went online for a few minutes. When we came back Milo wasn't in his cage. I freaked out, it was like deja voo. I was so scared that the same thing that happend to Basil would happen to Milo, only two days after getting him. I called Jawa to see if he had any idea's on how to find him, I also called Lisa from Viva La Glider. Well after searching everywhere in my room, my mom started to pull open the drawer under my bed and we heard some crabbing. I didn't want to pull it out completely so we took of the matteras and the bed thing and i got under the bed with a flashlight,grape, and his pouch. We slowly opened the drawer, then i cornerd him and put him back in his cage.I'm so thankful we found him, I think Basil was watching out for him today.

#3868 - 09/02/02 07:03 PM Re: Milo's adventure [Re: ]

I am so glad that you found your little one. You are right your glider angel was looking out for him.....

#3869 - 09/02/02 09:09 PM Re: Milo's adventure [Re: ]

How did he get out of his cage?

#3870 - 09/03/02 06:23 AM Re: Milo's adventure [Re: ]

I'm so glad Milo is OK! <img border="0" alt="jump" title="" src="graemlins/multi.gif" />
Do you know how he got out? He must be a very clever little guy.

#3871 - 09/03/02 04:26 PM Re: Milo's adventure [Re: ]

Yes I do know how. the cage isn't like the one's with squares, the bars are up and down, and you don't lock anything, you just slide the door up. Well there are two little doors so you have easy access to the food dish's, those slide open too. Well I had just fed him, and closed both little doors very well, but it must have been open just like less than a millimeter, and I'm guessing he pulled it up with him teeth, head or paws some how. It was only open about half an inch- to 3/4 of an inch and he got through that way.

Oh and an update on him, besides being scared and exhausted he was also basically rollin in dust. He was sneezing for about 2-3 hours last night, and finally calmed down and stopped.

#3872 - 09/03/02 08:53 PM Re: Milo's adventure [Re: ]

Amy, I used twist ties on my doors like that, no problems after that! I have a couple of escape artists myself!

#3873 - 09/04/02 11:18 PM Re: Milo's adventure [Re: ]

I think we all have a couple of escape artist in our hand. Fritz escaped once during the night and he was having a ball!! I was knocled out. This was at 6am. Little PUNK!! He jumped in my leg and started crawling up my leg and into my shirt <img border="0" title="" alt="[Eek!]" src="images/icons/shocked.gif" /> I screamed so loud and Fritz just popped his head out of my shirt and gave me this face like he was saying "Hey mom! I DIDNT DO IT!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="images/icons/grin.gif" /> " I woke up and all my stuff was on the floor. <img border="0" alt="[oh well]" title="" src="graemlins/ohwell.gif" />


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