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#38737 - 03/03/05 08:12 PM Gliders and other animal scents? And noise?

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, and am planning on getting a pair of Sugar Gliders (young joeys) around May. However, I do have one concern before I decide to get them for certain. We have a dog and several cats, all of which I often pet, hug, hold, etc during the day. I'm not worried about them hurting the gliders, as they paid little if any attention to our rats (that are gone <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/upset.gif" alt="" /> ). But since I won't be changing my clothes several times a day, I will probably smell like dog and cat almost always. Will this scare gliders, or is it something that they'd get used to, just like my scent?

And another unrelated question: does noise bother them, like someone watching a loud movie (I'm talking "Lord of the Rings with suround sound" loud) in the same room as them? Not on a regular basis, but sometimes?

Thanks for reading my post, I'd appreciate any help you can give. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#38738 - 03/03/05 08:47 PM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" /> Welcome to GC!
As for other animals. First I wouldn't let the dogs and cats interact with the gliders just to be safe. That being said, I have 4 dogs, 4 ferrets and 2 iguanas along with my 10 gliders. I don't change clothes all day long either and my gliders don't seem to care. As for the noise, every glider is different on how they react to noise (scents too). My gliders are all in the living room and even with 3 screaming grandchildren and Dora the Explorer on way to loud, my gliders don't act like it bothers them at all.
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#38739 - 03/07/05 10:32 PM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]

Thanks so much for your reply, Dancing! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> It is good to know that there are glider owners with lots of other pets, too, your reply was very helpful.

#38740 - 03/11/05 11:37 PM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]

I have a lot of different pets too, and incidently work at a pet store. So you can imagine how nice I smell when i come home from work. I usually take a shower before playing with my glider, but even if i don't, he really doesn't seem to react any differently to my obvious animal scent. (maybe he is just easy going?). Also, all my animals are in my room, so maybe they have just grown used to each others ever present scents.
As for the noise, I often play music around them and they don't seem to mind that either. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

#38741 - 03/11/05 11:52 PM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]

My gliders don't mind the other animals... unless there's a joey around.. lol... then from inside the cage the gliders will let the cat know to stay away.. (there's no way possible that the cat could get to them).. he'll sit and watch them and then be like whatever and walk away when the gliders crab at him.. They don't mind my cousins dog.. even with its annoying nonstop bark.. The only time they really get upset about noise is when my cousins boyfriend plays his music too lound and it shakes the entire house... causing their cage to shake.. (doesn't do me any good to complain about it.. because when my aunt says something to my cousin about it.. there's a huge fight and I'm about tired of those.. almost knocked my cousin out last time.. luckily my fiance was there to catch me before I got to her)... and they don't mind the kids either... actually... all but, Panga are really good w/the kids.. they will let the kids pet them.. but, I don't let that happen often because the kids drive me absolutely bonkers about them.. (not my kids.. but, my nephews.. only kids I have are Tipsy, Panga, Rascal and Lil Squirt.. and hopefully the chihuahua I'm gonna be begging my aunt to let me get)...

#38742 - 03/12/05 12:00 AM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]

Welcome to the board <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" />

I have cats, so my gliders are used to that scent on me. It doesn't phase them since they are used to smelling them on me, but if I have another animal's scent on me, they can get a bit territorial. I was playing with my friends dog when someone wanted to see my gliders. Usually I'm pretty anal about washing my hands before I handle my gliders, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. As soon as I opened their pouch and Skyy smelled my hand, I was greeted with an angry crabbing lunging Skyy who was not happy with that foreign smell on me. I'm very careful about washing my hands now before handling them, especially when I have foreign animal smells on me!

#38743 - 03/12/05 02:01 AM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]

I have given music lessons during the day and it doesn't seem to bother Joy & Noel. This week they have listened to guitar, flute, piano and sax. They didn't crab, but they didn't come out to dance either. A good surround sound system, however, can put out a lot of sound. If it bothers them, watch it while they are sleeping in their pouch in another room.

#38744 - 03/14/05 03:13 PM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]

I've never noticed other animal scents to bother my gliders. They do act differently if I smell like smoke, though. Like if I come home from the bar & have the same bar clothes on, they'll be less likely to play on me. And if my hands smell from smoking myself, they don't like that either . . . .

Although I'm sure if I smoked regularly they wouldn't notice/care, it would just be part of my "normal" smell.

#38745 - 03/15/05 07:05 PM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]
minkasmom Offline
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Welcome to GC, Colettecop!
How your gliders will react to the scent of your cats & dog could be interesting (& downright amusing!!) For awhile, my gliders would go "spastic" if one of the cats even entered the room! There'd be this "alert barking" that would make everyone freeze in their tracks until the alarmist was completely sure the house knew about the intruder! (reminds me of a prairie dog barking) I'd come running & shoo the offending cat out in unceremonious short order! But nowadays, I can let the cats into the room to look for loose crickets & there's not a single sound! (of course, they're usually in while the gliders are sleeping, too) The only scent my suggies definitely don't like is when I smoke (like Daemione said)...especially right afterward.

As far as noises: mine are in with my washer & dryer on a crawlspace for a floor! (talk about vibrating) one family has it even worse by being on the back side of the wall where my fridge is (that compressor hum isn't roaring silence either). It's just another thing they'll get used to with time.
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#38746 - 03/17/05 09:27 AM Re: Gliders and other animal scents? And noise? [Re: ]

Who ever mentioned the smelling like smoke thing is right. I smoke occasionally, away from the gliders..usually at bars, and when i come home smellin like smoke, binky doesnt seem to happy. he's happy im there, but he's weary about the stench. LOL, as for other animals. i have two cats, and its apart of my smell, so binky doesnt mind. Though the new gliders are getting acustomed to it. Noise doesnt seem to bother mine, especially binky who is my bra baby. My boyfriend listens to REALLY loud music in the car and binky just sleeps through it.



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