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#38925 - 03/05/05 07:27 PM Biting

I got a glider almost two weeks ago. He doesn't want to be held, and I usually ignore him and he comes up to play. Well when I go to put food in his cage or try to play with him he bites me. It's rather painful and I can't get him into a bonding pouch. He doesn't like being in a bonding pouch. I leave the pouch in but as soon as I try to remove him he runs out of the pouch. I don't have room in my home for a tent so I can't really do "tent" time. He just doesn't like being held, or being in a bonding pouch. How do I get him to stop biting and to accept a bonding pouch.

#38926 - 03/05/05 08:02 PM Re: Biting [Re: ]

Hi im in the same place you are in only i have a girl i got on Feb. the 19 and she bites me every time i try to get her pouch out and then she runs into her wheel and if i try to get her out or even give her a treat she bites im new at this and not sure what to do either. She crabs all the time.

#38927 - 03/05/05 08:10 PM Re: Biting [Re: ]
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Many people that don't have room or money for a tent glider proof their bathrooms and take their gliders in there to play. Or if you have a walk in closet you might be able to set up a play space there (although in my house, closets are at a premium!). Try using your bonding pouch as a sleep (cage) pouch so that you don't have to disturb their sleep. Also, when are you trying to use the bonding pouch? bonding pouches are usually used during the day while the gliders sleep. Night time they are not going to want to be confined in a pouch. As for feeding time, put their food in alittle before their usually wake up time.

Bellesmom~~ Welcome to GC!

At the top of the page there are some green buttons. Click on the Off Site Info and there are some great bonding links there. Under GC links you will find some diet links. There is so much great info available here, just brouse around and if you can't find what you are looking for, just ask!
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#38928 - 03/06/05 12:33 AM Re: Biting [Re: ]

my other glider crabs and bites but only because he's just woken up or he's doing licky treats and is a bit over zealous. It's not all painful but the glider in question he's a little battle axe. Or I'm beginning to think so.

#38929 - 03/06/05 12:39 AM Re: Biting [Re: ]

My bathroom is very glider proofed but I can't get him out of the cage to the bathroom. I've left the pouch in the cage but as soon as I get near it he wakes up and jumps around the cage. I try to put the food in before they wake up but without fail he walks out bites me and sleeps in the wheel. I've tried the bonding pouch during the day and he doesn't have it. The only time I've ever gotten him out of the cage at night was the brief moment he crawled in the pouch I lifted it out he jumped out then back to the cage. He doesn't want any part of me (other than biting the heck out of me) or the bonding pouch. It's not so bad sometimes but other times it's extremely painful.

#38930 - 03/19/05 07:08 PM Re: Biting [Re: ]

One night try taking everything out of the cage. He'll bite you, but just take it. Only put the bonding pouch in there, but if you can, put a strip of fleece or something that smells like him in it. If possible, in the day time, close the pouch before you try to move it, he won't be able to get out, hold him gently, talk to him softly, if he crabs for a long time and obviously is just not having any of it, put the pouch back. Try this for extended periods each day, start for a very short amount of time. He'll come around.


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