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#38986 - 03/06/05 01:31 PM 2 different gliders (need bonding help)

i have 2 gliders that are the same age (just a few months oop). 1 glider (daniel) i have really started to bond well with. the other glider (mr. miyagi) has not gone so well. the problem is that i can take daniel out of the cage to play but not mr. miyagi. everytime i take him out he jumps down and runs. i will try to get him back in the cage for an hour using treats and stuff. but i always have to actually capture him to get him back in the cage. i know that is bad and makes things worse then better. i do use a tent and have the same problem there. i can pick daniel up and put him back in the cage but no mr. miyagi. i want him to learn to trust me but if i put a treat in my hand daniel will come and get before mr. miyagi has a chance. daniel will go in the bonding pouch but miyagi wont. if i just take their cage pouch and put it under my shirt miyagi crabs the entire time. i dont want him to be a cage glider. i want him to enjoy play time the same way daniel does. daniel will saty on me and jump off and i can just pick him back up. any advice would be great. thanks

#38987 - 03/06/05 03:40 PM Re: 2 different gliders (need bonding help) [Re: ]

sounds so much like my two gliders... I have no advice because I'm still trying to earn the trust of my other glider who I so much want to call Battle Axe and he who bites the hand that feeds.

#38988 - 03/06/05 04:23 PM Re: 2 different gliders (need bonding help) [Re: ]

If I were you, I would just use the tent for playtime until Mr. Miyagi is more comfortable with you. I know that you have just as much trouble with getting him back in the cage then too but atleast you can work at his pace a little more. When I first got one of my boys, he was the same exact way. He would run anywhere and everywhere. Best thing is to have him in the tent so if he doesn't want to come to you, atleast you are in a more confined space to work with him. If your other glider takes the treat before Mr. Miyagi has a chance to get it, just put him back in the cage and then work one-on-one with Mr. Miyagi. Also, by having him in the tent, atleast you won't have to capure him and set you back in your bonding. Give him time to come to you and if he gets too anxious or stressed, just back off and give him some more time. It may take a while (and I remember one night being up until 4 a.m. before my glider would get back in his pouch for me to transfer him to the cage) but I really think that you having to chase him down to put him back in the cage is hindering you from moving forward with your bonding. What I found was the best way was to just play with one of their toys they like and he would get too curious to stay away or leave their pouch out for him to come to or lure him back with some treats.

Just remember, some gliders are more cuddly than others. To this day, one of my boys loves to be all over me and just loves to be shoved down my shirt and my other glider is just so rowdy and loves to run and explore everything he can get into. That's just how he is, but he's learned that I have all the yummy treats, some good head rubbing, pretty cool toys to play with, and a security place to come to when the big world gets a little too scary. Also, to this day my gliders don't like to be held, but they just love to hold me. As for pouches, I had to find a pouch that my gliders were comfortable in but didn't feel like they were trapped, just secure in (I <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" /> the sissy pouch for that!)

Experiment with different things and eventually you'll find something that they works for all of you. Just be patient and calm, I swear my gliders can tell when I am stressed and they get nervous themselves.

Good luck to you and hope everything works out! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />

Edited by krispifsu (03/06/05 04:35 PM)

#38989 - 03/06/05 04:38 PM Re: 2 different gliders (need bonding help) [Re: ]

thanks for the advice. i have not had the tent out in a while so that will be fun tonight. i will probably keep them both in there so that miyagi can see it is safe when daniel is running on me. i just hate trying to get miyagi back in the cage or pouch. it really makes me mad when i have to catch him. i know it is the really bad for our relationship. i hope miyagi knows that i dont give up easy.


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