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#39311 - 03/08/05 10:17 PM one without the other?

so my joeys are OOP as of the 6th, now is it normal for the mom to carry one joey in her pouch and leave the other alone? does this mean its being rejected? one joey was almost fully in her pouch and the other one was crabbing in the bag, theyre together againnow, but i wanted to make sure everything was ok..i attatched a picture

353776-DSC00110.JPG (44 downloads)

#39312 - 03/08/05 10:20 PM Re: one without the other? [Re: ]

also how do you know if the mother is letting the joey nurse?

#39313 - 03/09/05 06:16 AM Re: one without the other? [Re: ]


#39314 - 03/09/05 09:36 AM Re: one without the other? [Re: ]
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That is perfectly normal from what I have heard in the past. Sorry your post has not been answered before now.

Just keep an eye on them that the mom is not nipping at either baby. You can tell if they are nursing because they always seem to have their head stuffed in moms pouch, also you can lift your little one up and see if the stomach has a white color to it which will indicate they have a full belly full of moms milk.

cute baby! Hope this helps and sorry it took so long.
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#39315 - 03/10/05 07:51 PM Re: one without the other? [Re: ]
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(My apologies for not responding sooner...just got back online)

Yes, I've noticed that mom somehow picks one as a "favorite" over the other, too. One child gets piggyback rides all over the place, while the other one cries the blues for being left behind! Daddy doesn't seem to be so willing to let baby ride on HIM....but as long as they're both being fed, the "neglected child" will be OK. Wish I could explain why the "favoritism" exists (it's not related to their being male or female...saw the same thing happen with twin males), that's just one of those mysteries!
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