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#39454 - 03/09/05 09:28 PM help! how long between feedings

i was told to check the joeys stomach to see if it was white to make sure themom was nursing..i checked earlier when she came out to eat and they were white, and now, 4-5 hours later, the mom was just with them in the pouch and i looked again and theyre pink now, should they be constantly white? are they being rejected? right now the joeys are alone in the pouch..quick responses are appreciated! help

#39455 - 03/09/05 11:07 PM Re: help! how long between feedings [Re: ]
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Is there a dad in the picture here? sounds to me you have first time joey syndrome! Trust me, you hear more about the rejected joeys than the healthy ones and that is why it seems like most parents reject their first ones. If both joeys are with mom and you dont hear her fussing at them, I dont think you have much to worry about, and if I am wrong please someone correct me.
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#39456 - 03/10/05 08:49 AM Re: help! how long between feedings [Re: ]

the thing is sometimes she fusses, sometimes she doesnt, so i dont know why, both of them are buried in her pouch and shes quiet as can be...but earlier last night she was witht hem and id hear random crabbing, but she doesnt push them off..
and you are right, i heard a lot about how they get rejected so im just worried..ill keep everyone updated..thanks for the seems like either youre the only one that knows anything..or youre the only person that wants to respond..thank you

#39457 - 03/12/05 08:44 PM Re: help! how long between feedings [Re: ]

As long as there is someone (mom/dad) with them most of the time.. Im sure all is well. They can be left alone... for short periods at first, then longer and longer as they age.

#39458 - 03/12/05 10:45 PM Re: help! how long between feedings [Re: ]

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Mom and dad may leave the joeys for small amounts of time occ. Most of the time, the dad will babysit while mom eats or gets some time for herself. If you find the joeys out of the pouch, crying or cold then I would be concerned, but as long as they are caring for the joeys, mom is letting them nurse and they are warm, and the parents are not being agressive to the joeys, I wouldn't be too worried.
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#39459 - 03/13/05 03:41 PM Re: help! how long between feedings [Re: ]

my thing is i dont know if shes letting them nurse, i mean, shes with them, theyre in her pouch, shes not fussing, and she goes back every 15 minutes, it sounds like shes letting them, but maybe im blind, but i dont see the belly full of milk, but i havent seen it since last wednesday, so they are obviously getting it, i think im just blind <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> they are so cute tho!

#39460 - 03/14/05 06:26 AM Re: help! how long between feedings [Re: ]

As a vet assistant I am aware of birthing, nursing in babies. If you don't see the belly full of milk that will usually mean that the babies have already nursed the milk dry. Its the same as if your [censored](female dog)had whelped(given birth) and you try to milk the nipples, there should be very little in the udder as the puppies or as you have it joeys have probably already nursed. In breeding and raising animals unless you are absolutely certain something has gone amissed the best thing is to let the parents take care of their babies until its your turn upon emergence from the pouch. Don't fuss with the mom too much this could throw her off.
Most moms want to be left alone to care for their little ones. It takes a lot of energy to do this.
Good luck, and believe trust in the mom to know instinctively how to care for her babies without outside help.


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