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#40624 - 03/20/05 09:09 PM He hates me

Ok thats it. Im convinced my male Glider, Badger, HATES me. He crabs at me constantly. Ive tried tent time.....playing with him...lettin him get use to my scent.. Tonight i had him in the sissy pouch with Stitch and he is going NUTS. I put his blanket in there with him but hes crabbing LOUDLY. *sigh* Maybe hes mad at me cause he got left with my mom for 4 days while i was out of time. Any advice? Hes so.....unmellow compared to Stitch. Shes calm and friendly and hes....a spaz. LOL

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#40625 - 03/20/05 11:25 PM Re: He hates me [Re: ]
StitchsMom Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Well, maybe he's a spaz. :-) Seriously, some gliders are just different. Gizmo is a love baby, Claudia will show you who's boss. Alfie crabs like crazy (no biting...yet) and Radar never makes a peep.

However, rest assured that Badger doesn't hate you. You are the "Food-Bringer". <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" /> Just keep up the good work and try not to get frustrated. Remember that bribes can work wonders. Offer that crabby [censored] a mealy to yell and lunge at and maybe he'll chill out for a few minutes.

Best of luck to you and Badger!
~*~Jenny and the fur kids~*~

:grey: :grey: :grey: :leu:

>>> Sugar Glider Slave <<<

#40626 - 03/20/05 11:31 PM Re: He hates me [Re: ]

Ty Jenny. I hope he mellows. Lol. He'll quiet NORMALLY with a grape..always with a worm. I swear if my fingers were made of mealworms hed love me *sigh*

#40627 - 03/22/05 07:24 PM Re: He hates me [Re: ]

Your little one does not hate you, if he is still new and you left for four days you just have to start with the basics. Try the licky treats, tent time, bonding pouch time, he will come around. Don't give up just yet, he will suprise you before you know it. Just take it slow and at his pace, if he crabs rub the outside of his pouch and talk to him until he stops. He will get use to you in time, you're doing a great job! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wave.gif" alt="" />

#40628 - 03/22/05 08:27 PM Re: He hates me [Re: ]

Ty <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Im gonna try....Ive only had him a month so..heres to hopin things with him look brighter soon lol

#40629 - 03/22/05 09:02 PM Re: He hates me [Re: ]

Promise it will get better. It takes time. Your gliders may also have different personalities. My Potter is friendly and laid back. Harry is much more introverted and a bit honery at times. Give it time but they may never have similar personalities.

#40630 - 03/22/05 10:49 PM Re: He hates me [Re: ]

When I go out of town, or even if I'm sick and sleep out on the couch in the living room, away from Bandit, he gets mad at me. After being back for a couple of days and he knows I'm home he loosens up. I've had him for about a year and it still happens. Hang in there. OH, Bandit likes the sound of my voice, so when I talk on the phone I try to talk where he can hear me. Then when he gets a little crabby i talk to him and it quiets him down. You may try that so he can get used to your voice. Some people try reading out loud or singing to their suggies. Good Luck!

#40631 - 03/22/05 10:51 PM Re: He hates me [Re: ]

Tonight during tent time ( Points to new pic icon ) badger did seem better. He still crabs a lot...but now i can pick up him when he crabs without a problem. [censored] climb all over and let me pet him to. Guess it might just be his personality lol


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