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#40907 - 03/23/05 07:04 PM lots of questions...........................

Well, I have a whole bunch of questions on different subjuecxts so I just decided to put it here.

I am getting a 6 month old unneutered (but not matured)male glider in 2-3 weeks.I am getting him for my 1 year old male unneutered glider. I will just list the questions here:
1. what all do I need that I dont have for the new glider? I have tons of pouches and I have toys and a wheel, food, mealies.

2.Can I switch toys because my glider doesn't play wityh toys, i would leave half of them to him (my glider)though?

3. I know I will be needing to get my glider neutered ASAP, so how many appointments are there until the vet can neuter, are their any requirements for getting him neutered, and what and how do you make an e-collar, how long after neutering do you leave it on?

4. Since my new glider isn't matured yet can I wait 2 more months to get him neutered?\

5. Will it hurt the introduction if the older male can't get neutered before I get the new glider?

6. after I get the new glider can i let them "meet" outside the cages to see what will happen?

7. What are the signs that they like eachother?

8. What are the signs they don't like eachother?

9. I am ordering a sissy pouch(matchmaker) will that help the introduction process?

10. 2 weeks or a month for quaranteen?

11. will new glider need a different diet?

#40908 - 03/23/05 09:19 PM Re: lots of questions........................... [Re: ]

feed the new glider the same diet, if he doesnt eat it try something else...,I didnt do a quarenteen for my intros they liked each other right away, but its a good idea in case one is sick and you dont know, also keep them close together but not in direct contact, I introduced mine through smell then one in a tank and one outside and they didnt react badly so I let them met face to face. I just got my male nuetered, it was his first vet vistit, he stayed over night. Try to have the male nuetered before the other one arrives, I'm no expert, all I can say i what ive expirienced and researched, good luck:)

#40909 - 03/24/05 10:06 AM Re: lots of questions........................... [Re: ]

1. An extra food bowl and another water source.
2. Yes.
3. One, perhaps two if the vet wants a wellness check first. Normally you will not be needing the e-collar for neutering.
4. Perhaps, but when they mature is not written in stone. Some mature faster than others.
5. There is the chance that the older male may want to dominate the younger. That may impair introductions a bit.
6. Yes, but keep a towel handy in case you need to separate them quickly. I hear a bathtub is good for first time intros.
7. A lt of sniffing and going into a pouch together.
8. Fighting, avoiding each other. They will let you know.
9. A fantastic idea.
10. A month. (yeah, sure. Ideal and easy to say. Too tempting to try and do it sooner.)
11. A whole lot easier to feed them both the same diet.

#40910 - 03/24/05 08:07 PM Re: lots of questions........................... [Re: ]

can I put them both in the sissy pouch b4 the month of quarenteen?

#40911 - 03/24/05 09:07 PM Re: lots of questions........................... [Re: ]

I would suspect that it would defeat the purpose of the quarantine. You would have to check with the creator of the pouch for a better answer to that one.

#40912 - 03/24/05 09:37 PM Re: lots of questions........................... [Re: ]

Just a few other things...

You don't need to have your glider in an e-collar after neutering unless he starts to mutilate. For that reason it's a smart idea to have one available and know how to put one on, but no need to have him in one so long as he is on the right pain meds and the surgery is done propery by a knowledgeable vet.

My vet required an general office visit before the neuter so that he could check him out and make sure that he was healthy enough to undergo the sugery. However, he is my glider's regulat vet so he had already has his annual wellness exam. Then we had a conference where we discuseed the procedure and recovery. Your vet should be able to tell you if your glider is ready to be neutered. And just as OldColt58 said, gliders mature at different rates. Your older glider may or may not accept the new glider but having them both neutered is probably the best bet.

As for the quarantine, just remember that even if your gliders don't come in direct contact, illnesses can still be spread. While having the two gliders in the matchmaker pouch together will probably defeat the purpose of a quarantine, so does having them in the same room together and introducing them. Best idea would be to take your new glider to the vet as soon as you get him and have a wellness check done to see if there is an illness present that could be spread to your current glider. (A sissy poouch is the best that you ould order though. I <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/heartpump.gif" alt="" /> mine and can't wait to save up my change for a matchmaker pouch too!)

Congrats on getting a new glider! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />

#40913 - 03/24/05 11:05 PM Re: lots of questions........................... [Re: ]

Thanks for the replies! The same day that i am getting my new glider i am taking him to the vet, this weekend or sometime during the week my glider is seeing the vet about getting neutered. I will be getting the new glider neutered, but i dont know around when, but it will be soon. I thought that having their cages next to eachother would spread diseases too, so i dont really get the whole quarenteen thing. Maybe I will take both the gliders at the same time and just seperate them while the vet is checking if anything is wrong. Thanks again for the replies!

#40914 - 03/27/05 02:26 PM Re: lots of questions........................... [Re: ]

1. Double double double! At least two food and water sources, at least two pouches.

2.Switching toys is fine, just remember the more the merrier!

3. A knowledgable vet can neuter on the first visit if the glider is healthy. Get laser surgery if you can. An E-collar is not always necissary. Just monitor him after the surgery. If he is excessively playing with the stitches or trying to pull them out, use an e-collar. Use flexible hard plastic about three inches wide, five inches long, tape the ends together, pad the area at the neck with moleskin. The duration that a collar remains on depends highly on the glider..

4. If he is six months he may already be matured. If he has a pom, he can be neutered. If he does not, wait until the testicles drop.

5. Introducing two unneutered males can result in bitter fighting. Idealy, you should wait 4-6 weeks AFTER neutering before introducing males so that all the hormones are gone.

6. Yes, it is better for the gliders to be introduced by smell BEFORE seeing eachother. put strips of fleece in both of their bonding pouches, after a couple nights switch the pieces of fleece so they get used to eachother's smell. After that, they can be instoduced by putting the cages side by side.

7. If they like eachother they may just ignore eachother. At this point you're not going for them 'liking' eachother. You just want them to tolerate eachother, they'll do the bonding on their own. If they click at eachother, bark, sniff with no aggression, then there should be no problem. If they ignore eachother, leave them side by side until they acknowledge eacother.

8. If they try to fight through the bars, that's a good sign that that don't like eachother <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />. Excessive crabbing, lunging, that sort of thing.

9. A sissy pouch can help. They will be able to smell and hear eachother, but not get to eachother.

10. How long you keep them apart greatly depends on the individual glider.

11. If you are feeding your current glider a proven and healthy diet, feed that to the new glider as well.

#40915 - 03/31/05 08:53 PM still a few more questions [Re: ]

Can I keep the cage of the new glider in the same room during playtime, or when the new one is having playtime can i keep my glider's cage in the same room?
I am switching my glider's diet to zookeepers in a week or so, do I have to moisten it with juice, or is it soft?
It is starting to get 75 degrease, instead of witching eachothers blankets can i switch pouches?
How often should I switch eithother's things around?
Could I switch each other's cages? I forgot how tall the lady said the cage was, so if it is smaller(which i doubt)(my gliders is 4ft.) can i switch their cages, because my glider will probably have more playtme for a bit
I heard that vanilla extract takes away the scent is this true?

I am really kind of consered because my mum won't get my glider neutered for a month because of some car problems(just found out a few days ago), what can I do until then? I already promised the lady I would take the glider and I would feel so bad because she really counted on me to take him. My glider seems really lonely and it would probably be a long time before i could get him a friend if i dont get this one. Any suggestions? thanks for all the help!

p.s forgot to mention that the new glider's pom didn't drop and he doesn't have a bald spot either.

#40916 - 03/31/05 09:01 PM Re: still a few more questions [Re: ]

Probably not a good idea keeping them in the same room at first. You will need to quarantine for 30 days before you start intros & that means separate rooms. Plus, you don't want them fighting through the cage during playtime. Zookeepers is soft, you will not have to moisten. Yes, once you start intros, you can just switch pouches. You can switch their pouches daily, their toy maybe every week. You can switch cages but I would clean them first. Their scent will remain, but the germies won't! Right before an intro, you can run a small amount of vanilla extract down each of their backs, this will make them smell the same. Do not do this all the time, vanilla extract has alcohol in it & could cause dryness! Just for intros & just a little bit! Also, if they are both males, even if immature, it's probably best to wait for the neuters to do intros, you wouldn't want any fights/injuries. You already have to wait a month for quarantine, so...

#40917 - 03/31/05 09:07 PM Re: still a few more questions [Re: ]

Playtime depends on how they react to eachother. Find out how they feel about eachother before you give attention to one infront of the other.
Zookeepers is soft and doesn't need anything added to it.
You CAN switch pouches...but...they may not go near them. The idea is glider A has a pouch that smells like him and a give glider A's blankie to glider B and visa versa. Both of them still have their pouches that smell like them. If nothing smells like them, they probably wont go near the pouch or may mark excessively.
I wouldn't switch their cages until they get used to eachother. I wouldn't use vanilla extract.........I use clorox wipes to spot clean, then wipe with a warm cloth. For entire cleaning use bleach, but rinse VERY VERY VERY well.
Explain the situation to the owner of the other glider, she may be willing to wait. You may be able to set up something so that she can have her male neutered and keep him until you can get yours nuetered so they can be introduce hormone free. If not, she can also tell you whether or not she forsees aggression and dominance issues. If you cannot wait, try keeping them in seperate rooms if you can. If you can't, keep their cages as far from eachother as possible and do NOT introduce them prior to neutering.

#40918 - 03/31/05 09:22 PM Re: still a few more questions [Re: ]

I was planning it to be around 2 months before introducing. I thought that you were to keep the 6in. away from eachother so they can get used to eachother and then introduce in a month. I have started to let my glider run around for 5-7 hours a day, can i just have one out to play for that length of time a day and then have the other out at that time the next, and so on switching days?

#40919 - 03/31/05 09:26 PM Re: still a few more questions [Re: ]

You really should let both of them out every day for at least an hour.

#40920 - 03/31/05 09:28 PM Re: still a few more questions [Re: ]

I guess I could just split up the time, that wouldn't be a problem really


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