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#41084 - 03/24/05 05:01 PM introducing a female to males

Hello everyone! I have two male sugargliders who have been living together for the past few months, I have recently ( yesterday) aquired a female from a friend who can no longer care for her. Can I place her with both of the males safely, using the introduction methods that one usually uses? I do not want to stress out any of them...We do want to breed her, but I want her to be safe. The new female ( Petrie)and one of my males ( Scout) are the same age, Scooter, the other male is younger by about 6 months. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! PS The cage is large enough to house all three.

#41085 - 03/24/05 07:29 PM Re: introducing a female to males [Re: ]
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I would not suggest putting her in with two intact males. The introduction of a female will ignite the male hormones and you could end up with fighting males. They will fight for the right to breed. I suggest you have one of the males neutered before the introductions (and wait atleast 4-6 weeks for the male hormones to drop).

BTW, Welcome to GC!
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#41086 - 03/24/05 08:11 PM Re: introducing a female to males [Re: ]

Do not put her in with them! You cannot have 2 intact males with a female. They will fight like crazy. Even an intact male and a neutered one will fight it out sometimes. If you want to put them together, I would neuter both males. No matter how big a cage you have, you could never safely house them all together. Once the males hit maturity they could kill each other.

#41087 - 03/24/05 09:11 PM Re: introducing a female to males [Re: ]

Because of a few scattered success stories with this type of thing, we tend to underestimate just how into territoriality and dominance these cute little critters are. I do have two graves however to remind me. Dancing and Kritter Keeper are so very right.

#41088 - 03/24/05 09:12 PM Re: Thank you and another question???? [Re: ]

Thank you for you answers, I have had varying responses to this including the fact that in the wild they live as a tribe, therefore natural. I was afraid of male fighting and did not want to have any of them hurt. One more question, can I safely and without hurting one of the males, seperate the two males, then introduce her to one male, while the other is by himself in another cage until a companion is found for him? ( Will this affect him too much to be removed?) I will most likely have him neutered, not wanting to overbreed any animal. I have homes for any babies that may come of the pair,but I do not want to continue to breed.

#41089 - 03/24/05 09:17 PM Re: Thank you ... [Re: ]

Once again thank you to everyone who responded, you have helped me tremendously to avoid any hurt these fantastic creatures! BTW, thank you for the welcome! and my babies names are,
and new female Petrie ..I hope to continue to learn more!!

#41090 - 03/24/05 10:05 PM Re: Thank you ... [Re: ]

While never one to recommend separating a pair of bonded gliders, since their time together has been so short, it is probably safe to separate the males until you can pair them up with females. Just be sure to spend tons of time with the lone male.

#41091 - 03/25/05 09:27 AM Re: Thank you ... [Re: ]

Yes, you would have to spend A LOT of time with him. If they have been together for awhile they will be very very bonded. Unless you are set on breeding, you best bet would be to either neuter both, or get the female a neutered male or another female as a cagemate. I don't think I would be seperating them just to be able to put the female with one. If you want to do that, at least wait till you have another glider to put the other male with.

#41092 - 03/25/05 10:29 AM Re: Thank you ... [Re: ]

I would suggest neutering both males and introducing them all together. This way all of your babies can live together without sexual issues and you can have 3-4 in a little colony where, I think, they'll probably be much happier. With laser surgery you're supposed to be able to put the males right back together without any alone-time which will keep them from being stressed out. Any way you do it, when you remove a glider from other gliders he's going to be lonely. A day, a week, a few months until you can find/afford another glider for him and he'll be sitting around sad the whole time.

Save the money you'd spend on another glider and spend it to neuter the males.


#41093 - 03/25/05 10:37 AM Re: Thank you ... [Re: ]

Even with laser surgery, the male needs 4-6 weeks for his hormonal level to drop down before introducing a female. I would take extra cautious measures to prevent that from happening. I hope this helps.



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