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#41833 - 03/31/05 08:34 PM Bite or love bite?

I've had my glider Stitch for three weeks, and I used to take him out every night and hold him in a washcloth so we could bond (his bonding pouch hasn't come yet). I read a few places that instead of going to him I should try to lure him to me with treats, so I've been doing that for a few days. Yesterday he came to my hand on his own, but he bit my fingers.. after the fourth bite I remembered the "pssst" method to discourage biting, and I tried it. Afterwards I felt bad because I didn't want to scare him and the bites were gentler than usual, and didn't draw blood.

Did I do the right thing? If I messed up, how do I fix it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/worried2.gif" alt="" />

#41834 - 03/31/05 09:07 PM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]
hipbchik Offline
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Loc: Tucson, AZ did the right thing. If you don't want Stitch to be a biter, you have to set the precedence from the beginning. With my gliders, they give little "nibbles" when I first greet them, & I allow those. When they bite they get blown on. They know what they can get away with & what they can't, & I know when they are being loving and when they are being mean. It takes a while to build trust (on BOTH sides) consistency is the key. Welcome to GC by the way, & congrats on your new glider!

"Your mind is the birthplace of ingenuity and then you need your heart as the Mediator..." ~Lil C

#41835 - 03/31/05 09:26 PM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]
imattchew Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 03/16/05
Posts: 63
mines never bit me once.... or even crabbed. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/yelclap.gif" alt="" />

#41836 - 04/01/05 06:20 AM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
[:"green"]Don't worry, your glider won't scare off that easily. If it hurts, it's a bite. If it feels more like a nibble, then it's just that - a nibble. Over time, your glider will not bite any longer if you bond well with him & give him lots of attention so he gets used to your touch, scent & sound.
Welcome to GC & Congrats on your new guy!
Suz Enyedy
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#41837 - 04/01/05 06:38 AM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]

Your lucky imattchew if your has NEVER bit you or crabbed!! My twins don't crab at me anymore.They did probablly for about a week after I got them-just when i would reach into their sleeping pouch to get them.But once they smelled me and saw me they stopped. Now Sugar crabbed all evening at me when i looked into the bonding pouch at him.But once i put him into his cage he was fine.Except he nipped about everytime i tried to touch him. This morning he is doing alot better with the nipping.He nipped me twice when i was getting him out but i ignored him and he stopped.

#41838 - 04/01/05 09:02 AM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]
jmi Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Loc: cuero Texas
I would say yes you did the right thing...
In a realtionship with the man i am going to marry I am in Cuero Texas with 3 kids. I am the mother of 4 kids and the soon to be step mother of 5 more. I have only one set of gliders.
My kids are
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#41839 - 04/02/05 09:09 AM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]

My suggies crab if I bother them when they are busy exploring. I noticed that there is definetly a difference in bites. When you have three males, they are always scenting you all over. Sometimes the suggies, Mojo-jojo/Chester Copperpot/Nathan Scott Phillips, will rub their bottom teeth against my skin. At first it doesn't hurt, but sometimes they get rough. That isn't a bite though. My suggies also give me warning bites if I'm too into their business. They literally just make a quiet hiss and rest their open mouth on my fingers or hand. They don't bite down though. I think it is a judgement call on the suggie as to wether it is a real bite or not.

#41840 - 04/13/05 09:32 AM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]

I am new here and I just got my baby glider... she is 9 weeks old now and is bonding with me. yesterday she came out of her cage and began to run all over me... I cant tell if its a game or not. She would quickly run up my arm, then walk down, sniff then lightly bite me. With my other hand i would go to pet her or give her a treat and she would run to my sholder then do it all over again. Is she playing with me? or is it something else?

#41841 - 04/13/05 01:35 PM Re: Bite or love bite? [Re: ]

sounds like she might be playing. How long have you had her? Should be about a week. She might just be tasting/testing you. She wants to see who you are and make you smell "right" as well as see what kind of reaction you have when she does that.
Also they tend to go through a nippy stage when young and they will grow out of it eventually.


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