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#42094 - 04/03/05 01:22 PM Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems?

The pet store had two sisters, and a boy in a seperate cage, and I just felt too sorry for the boy to leave him alone, so I got all three (he seemed pretty unhappy there).

Currently all three are living in domestic bliss, but are there going to be problems when the girls get old enough to mate? Should I start looking for second cage and a fourth glider to keep an 'odd girl out' company, or will things maybe be OK since all three have been together pretty much since day one?

A little opinion/advice here would be very helpful. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" />

#42095 - 04/03/05 01:34 PM Re: Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems? [Re: ]

Things may work out since the girls are sisters and all three have been together since "day one" as you put it. Technically speaking, you have the ideal makings of a trio. HOWEVER, be aware that trios are very "iffy" and a lot of times do not work out. Sometime you end up with baby stealing/nibbling. I'd say you have a good change of a healthy trio though. If you are going to separate them - NOW is the time to do it. While they are young and not terribly bonded to eachother. You will probably want to find a friend for whoever gets left out. Good luck making your decision, either way, I'm sure they will be much happier with you than in that pet store!

#42096 - 04/03/05 01:43 PM Re: Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems? [Re: ]

Thank you!

I think unless I find a glider rescue notice somewhere nearby, I'm going to have to leave them together for a little while, just due to finances.. I wasn't sure if trio's were even possible, since so far none of the books and sites have really talked about them. (I'd had a pair of gliders briefly before but had to give them to another glider mommy due to a move, and these guys were real spur of the moment purchase.. I just couldn't leave 'em in the store O.o they looked terribly unhappy, and the place was feeding them TRAIL MIX.. argh...)

#42097 - 04/03/05 04:59 PM Re: Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems? [Re: ]

i haven't had any experience with a trio myself but from what i hear they are more likely to be successful if the male is neutered... that way there is no competition and no joeys to steal/canabalize between the females. i would reccomend neutering the male anyways for a couple of reasons, unaltered males scent mark frequently and he may also try to be very dominate or territorial towards the new mate (if you get a new male for the separated female)... good luck and keep us posted.

#42098 - 04/03/05 05:15 PM Re: Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems? [Re: ]

I have a male trio right now.I just got Sugar (he is about 10months old.)I am fixing to add all three into the same cage because I was giving them time to get use to each other.I plan on getting all three neutared soon.Once my twins caught smell in the airof another glider they started marking everything and so did Sugar.... I have to clean the cages every couple days and change bedding nightly to help keep the smell down.But since you have two girls and a boy im not sure exactly how that would workout.... Good luck!!!and congrats on your new suggies.

#42099 - 04/03/05 07:07 PM Re: Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems? [Re: ]

dear God be careful introducing all those unclipped males together in one cage! you're just askin for some excitement in your life huh? be careful what ye wish for! someone could get seriously hurt before you would have a chance to do anything about it; try one-on-one intros at first in all the different possibilities of combos so that you may have some idea as to who might be more apt to go after who when theyre all together! like i said; please Dear God, be carefull! glider eyes are so fragile & theyre fast little brats when they're mad & lookin to fight!

#42100 - 04/03/05 07:23 PM Re: Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems? [Re: ]

I will! I have been very careful introducing them. I haven't put them together yet.I have just let them smell each other through cages. I didn't plan on just throwing him straight in there....I already know also that Sugar will give me the most problems with the combining.The first time i had them all out together the night before last,He was the only one crabbing and snipping at the others to show them he was boss.I kept them near me the the entire time and I even had my bonding ouch right beside me incase I had to immediatly seperate them. The twins seemed fine with the new guy.They was pretty curious to meet him but he wasn't to them.

#42101 - 04/03/05 09:12 PM Re: Will 2 girls & 1 boy have problems? [Re: ]

I just have to add my two cents in here. I once had a successful trio, two females and a neutered male. The females were bonded to each other for four months before I acquired a male. Before I put the male in, I had him neutered. While the male was healing from the neutering, I switched pouches for a month during the quarantine. Once the quarantine was up, I did the introductions in the tent, so I could intervene if necessary. They all sniffed one another and went into his pouch.

However, several months later, one of the females and the male had become a "couple" thus leaving the other female out. The second female had become an alpha, was pretty dominant over the first female and her mate. The alpha ended up sleeping alone in a pouch or in a wheel. The pair would not have anything to do with the alpha at times. Sometimes they would let her in, sometimes not.

Sometimes trios are successful, sometimes not. It all depends on the gliders' personalities, dispositions, and when they were put together. Be very careful.



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