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#42536 - 04/07/05 12:04 PM So how many would be too many for carrying around?

I have a trio, and am getting pouches FINALLY for bonding with them through the day..

Now.. how big a pouch would folks suggest I need to use to carry all three of them around? I'm getting a bonding pouch from SunCoast gliders today (well, unless UPS has problems finding me again).. anyone know if those standard pouches would be big enough? Or should I try making a bigger one of my own?

Or should I just rotate 1 of the fuzzies a day?

I'd like to try and keep them all together on me, since the bonding process is starting pretty late, but not if it means they'll be too squished and unhappy.

#42537 - 04/07/05 12:43 PM Re: So how many would be too many for carrying around? [Re: ]
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I think as long as they all fit (like they would in their sleeping pouch) they will let you know if it is big enough. They will just be sleepin most of the time anyway.
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#42538 - 04/07/05 01:08 PM Re: So how many would be too many for carrying around? [Re: ]

I carry all four of my guys every day and the only one ever uncomfy is me! I try to give them extra room & they all huddle together anyways - so what's the point??? Goof balls!

#42539 - 04/07/05 02:17 PM Re: So how many would be too many for carrying aro [Re: ]

Thanks! Currently all three are balled up in the pouch.. UPS arrived surprisingly early!

It was probably a bad mommy of me to have woken them up and stressed them out by trying to get them into it >< but I just have been waiting FOREVER it seems to have them snuggled in under my shirt. Now that they are in there, they seem content.. but it was a few wild moments of them all loose in the bathroom to get them there! (Not to mention the boy decided to bite me a few times when I tried coaxing and petting. Ow.)

So.. next step.. clean the bathroom.. it's amazing how much their little bladders can hold...

#42540 - 04/07/05 11:16 PM Re: So how many would be too many for carrying aro [Re: ]

Do you have three males? or is it a mix of males/females? I have three males and the new one I got is just not being accepted by the two I've had. I know it takes time and I'm anxious, but I was wondering about your experience and how they all get along. I have two that go in my bra, and one that was badly abused that likes to hang on my back. My boyfriend calls me the "queen of the suggies." I love them all though. ANyway, I would be interested to hear about your experience.

#42541 - 04/08/05 12:45 AM Re: So how many would be too many for carrying aro [Re: ]

I have two girls and a boy- and they're all still young'uns so the social dynamic isn't completely set in stone. Wish I could shed some insight on your problem, but I don't have nearly enough experience =(

You might just need to look for a fourth baby to keep the new one company... I've been warned that it's iffy for my three to always get along and that I might need to get a second cage and fourth glider myself.

#42542 - 04/08/05 09:36 AM Re: So how many would be too many for carrying aro [Re: ]


Are any of your males neutered? If they are, it will help the bonding/introduction process to go a LOT smoother. You may even see faster results once the operation has been performed.

I would never attempt an introduction with two (2) intact males, let alone three (3) for someone is bound to get seriously hurt, but that is just me.

I hope you find a successful method that works both for you and ALL of your babies! Rescues are truly a labor of love aren't they? Good luck!


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