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#42607 - 04/07/05 05:10 PM Crabbing in joeys...

OK, I have more experience in bungee jumping than I do with gliders raising their offspring!

I have already consulted Ames about my concern, and she was quite helpful (Thanks Ames, baby!) but I was curious as to what anyone else may have to say on this.

My question is about crabbing joeys. What exactly does crabbing mean in joeys?

Here's the story...

My little Chante just came oop on February 11th and she's certainly giving me mixed messages. For one thing, she crabs (which is normal seeing as she only arrived here 4 days ago), and she will often lunge at me every now and then whenever I take her pouch out in the mornings, or whenever she jumps onto my arm when I'm trying to catch her at the end of bathroom time. Now on the flipside, she allows me to cup her as she sleeps during the day both inside her pouch or also through the fabric of the pouch. She gives me kisses and licks me incessantly when my hand is in there with her, and during bathroom time it seems she really favours being on my person!

The thing that I found particularly interesting was she would crab in her pouch and when I would take my palm and press her alittle through the pouch (or simply cup her inside her pouch) she stops crabbing... and when I remove my hand from cupping her, she begins crabbing again!!!

So here's my question again: what does this crabbing mean? I'm assuming she enjoys being in a nice, cozy, and tucked in environment (reminiscent of the mother's pouch)... Is crabbing a generic behaviour, kind of like a human baby crying where it can mean more than just FEAR, i.e. crabbing can indicate discomfort, insecurity, glider saying "HEY MIKEY PUT YOUR HAND BACK; I LIKED IT THAT WAY!!!"

If what I've said above doesn't make sense to you, for all you breeders out there, this is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION THAT WOULD HELP ME GREATLY: [:"green"]Do you ever notice baby joeys crabbing at their parents when they are uncomfortable or want something or aren't getting their way? [/]

I want to know if she's deathly afraid or just simply telling me what to do. Does crabbing ALWAYS mean fear or ANGER? Dante was very clear during his bonding period as to how he was feeling. It would certainly be nice to know how far along I am with the bonding and taming process with Chante; it just doesn't seem to make complete sense that she is terrified of me. Thank you all in advance!

Mikey <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />

#42608 - 04/07/05 05:14 PM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

IMHO, I think she is telling you she likes being able to feel your physical presence on her. She feels safe and warm when you have your hand on her through the pouch.

#42609 - 04/07/05 05:29 PM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

Honestly, I've never heard a glider really crab for any other reason than it's scared. When gliders are angry, there are various hissing noises and partial crabbing noises they make, but they don't actually crab. I'm going to guess that your little lady is crabbing because she's scared of all the new sites sounds and smells. It sounds like she finds a lot of comfort in you though.

#42610 - 04/07/05 07:13 PM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

I just got a new little one about 2 months ago and she was the same way. Part of it is that she is pouch protective, but most of it was just complaining. We had episodes where she would be crabbing right up until she was actually swallowing her licky treat! After a while, I just got used to her being crabby. I did the cupping my hand over the pouch thing and it worked sometimes. Mostly though I just validated her feelings by saying, "Oh, I know. You have such a rotten life. It's so hard to be a glider in this house - what with people waking you up for treats and all. Then I give you new toys...It must be so hard on you!" <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

The good news is that she really chilled out when she started living with her big sister. It seems that she finally realized I was ok. Now they are both sleeping in the sleeve of my fleece!

#42611 - 04/07/05 07:24 PM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

My adult male glider Poncho, ( Who is not bonded yet) does that too. He also does that whenever I stop petting him. Ponchess did that too before she was bonded.

#42612 - 04/08/05 11:24 AM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

I have an adult glider that will sometimes crab if we walk into the room and start talking. She is expressing her dislike of being woken up. I think it sounds like Chante might be a little like that. When you put your hand there it disturbs her so she complains... then when you take it away again it disturbs her again and now she doesn't have the nice warmth you were providing so she complains some more. She is telling you what she wants, she is just doing it differently than Dante did.

#42613 - 04/08/05 04:10 PM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

Thank you all so much! This has been some outstanding feedback. I appreciate everyone's input greatly!

Mikey <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />

#42614 - 04/09/05 07:13 PM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

Yep, usually just crab if something is happening that they generally don't approve of. Noel, who I was warned was a big crabber has only crabbed once, the day I got her, and it was at me sister who startled her. Other than that, she's just been a big sweetie. Xander on the other hand, when he was a youngster (not that he's that old or anything, but he has hit maturity) crabbed whenever he heard even the slightest movement that may be a sign I was near. Now he is silent all the time and never puts up a fuss.

The two of them are really good and quiet. While neither are big cuddle bugs (although the Xan-man can be at times) I can put my hand right up to the hammock (they sleep in it instead of their old nestbox/pouch that they used to, guess its cuddlier for two) and give them treats without not even the slightest sound from either one.

I think when they are younger, they tend to crab a lot for a sense of security. It warns anything they see could be a danger to back off. Once they get more comfortable, they don't see as many things as a threat and could care less. She'll come around in no time. She is super young though, so you may have to put up with that infernal crabbing for a couple more months, lmao!

#42615 - 04/09/05 07:47 PM Re: Crabbing in joeys... [Re: ]

She was like that here too. Her daddy is the same way. I guess it is genetic, lol. I wouldn't worry.


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