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#42701 - 04/07/05 11:47 PM Three males now! Help!

It is annoying when I post a long message and it doesn't go through.

I have three gliders: one 4 years old, one 3 years old, and a new one a little over 1 year old. I've had the new one a week.

Many people say males don't get along, but I know that isn't always true because my two older males bonded immediatly when I got the second one. I know that is a rare case and I was lucky, but the third glider isn't being accepted at all.

When I got the new one (Nathan Scott Phillips), I was paranoid about everything. I still am in a way, but after reading articles about mutilations, I have been on the look out. I have never had a situation with mutilations so I am not as familier with it. After reading it I thought I saw my suggies penis, or "gear," swollen and he has been fine since so I guess it was nothing. It just looked different then the other two suggies' gears. I don't feel comfortable (as I'm sure my suggie isn't as well) about probing around the "gear" to make sure it is ok. He hasn't seemed like there is anything wrong.

Aside from that, my main concern was on the new suggie, but it has shifted onto my older pair. I put the new suggie's cage on the other side of the same room the older pair is in so they can hear and smell eachother. The new glider has been fine, but there have been crabbing battles between the other two. I noticed today when I took the 3 year old one (Chester Copperpot) out for routine play time that his cheeks were swollen. The 4-year old one (Mojo-JoJO) is fine. I checked for bruising or bites/cuts and there aren't any. He even let me touch his cheeks without making a fuss, so he isn't severly injured. I haven't given him any new strange foods that he could be allegic too, and his fruit/veggies are cleaned well. He eats fine, plays fine, and acts as he normally does. I don't know if this is just my situation or if this has happened to others. I take wnough time out for all of them.

I was wondering if there were any ideas about how to mend the relationship between the older pair? Could they be stressed about the new guy? Should I move the new glider and his cage out of the same room for awhile? i read articles about introducing new gliders and I know it could take a month or longer. I also was prepared for the fact that the three of them may never get along. I thought about all these things before I got him. If anyone has anyideas PLEASE let me know.

#42702 - 04/08/05 10:57 AM Re: Three males now! Help! [Re: ]

It may just come down to having to get one or all of them neutered. try talking to AngieH as her vet has started doing a ring block to help with pain for neutering and can help to prevent any SM behavior.
Try taking the new glider out of the room and see how your other two do. The problem is that they are having some territorial issues now.
Good luck with them and let us know what happens!

#42703 - 04/08/05 07:30 PM Re: Three males now! Help! [Re: ]

I feel your pain! I am going through the exact same thing except my third addition is the eldest of the group.My other two are twin brothers.They were very content by themselves.. but i took in a rescue.who is twice their age.I had them on opposite sides of the room for the first few days then I moved them side by side for a couple days.Then i got the bright idea to put Sugar in with Pumba and Koda. They got along okay during the night i only heard Sugar crab a couple times but nothing serious.Then the following morning I couldn't catch my twins in the cage and they are always tame and eager to get out-one of them actually bite me.Sugar had slacked down alot on nipping but he did too. I decided to spilt them back up.I knew the reason my babies were acting so mean was their hormones.Since i brought in the new suggie they were very territorial and irritable.Now since they are apart my twins are doing alot better and so is Sugar.I am going to go slower with the intros for now and see if that would workout.Im hoping to get my twins clipped sometime this month but im not sure yet.Im sure that will help when i do.

#42704 - 04/08/05 11:48 PM Re: Three males now! Help! [Re: ]

I didn't want to do the neutering thing, but I guess now I'm contemplating it. I don't want them to breed so it is definetly an option. I work late on Friday nights and when I went to get the older pair out everything was fine, but when I went to get the new suggie out, he actually crabbed and attacked me. I know I smelt like the other two, but none of them have been mad about it before. Little Philly even attacked me when he was playing on his favorite tree. I found that my middle suggie, Chester is injured. He has a bit underneath his chin right below his mouth. I'm sure the oldest one, Mojo, bit him. He eats ok though, and has no problem nibbeling roughly on my hands. This is so stressful for me and even more so for my suggie-boogies.

I just wish they could all get along. I'll look into getting them fixed.

#42705 - 04/09/05 05:01 PM Re: Three males now! Help! [Re: ]

Yep I decided on the same thing.I have been calling around asking vets how much they charge and the procedure they use... I think I am content with my usual veterinarian doing the procedure and it isn't costing as much as I was expecting either. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> hopefully my next paycheck I will be taking my twins to be neutered. I am considering breeding the eldest boy but imnot sure yet. Hope everything works out for you!!! My twins didn't nip the first few times either but now they will bite me in a heartbeat if they smell Sugar on me. It is just territorial issues.I know they will calm down after they are fixed and get use to one another.

#42706 - 04/10/05 02:27 PM Re: Three males now! Help! [Re: ]

Sometimes it takes a long time. We finally introduced a young male to to the group after two years of trying!! What finally worked was we draped a sheet over the two cages for about a month and the smells tend to stay together and they eventually accepting each other.

#42707 - 04/11/05 09:52 PM Re: Three males now! Help! [Re: ]

I am patient and understanding to my gliders. I just worry more about hoe they feel then me. Chester's injuries are healing well, and Mojo is interested in the new glider, but he isn't interested in anyone but me. I moved the cage into the hall so he has more privacy. I have two cats that are declawed and of no threat to the suggies. One of the cats is even blind, and the other is more scared of the suggies then the suggies are of him, but Nathan Scott Phillips doesn't seem to trust the cats yet. My older males hated the cats at first and not they wal up to them while the cats run away.

I just hate the biting and nibbling going on. They just love to do it.


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