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#430229 - 12/08/07 10:21 AM What causes Jaundce?

I was looking at some pics from the sick glider post. I saw the jaundce photo but couldn't really tell what I was looking for. This morning, Spice was hanging on the cage and her belly color was a little yellowed. With her being dehydrated, I wasn't sure if she could have a case of jaundce. Maybe it was early and my eyes still had sleep in them smirk

#430256 - 12/08/07 11:12 AM Re: What causes Jaundce? [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
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In female gliders, you will notice a slight discoloration around their pouch area. Sometimes discoloration is caused by poor diet as well.
In a glider with Jaundice, the bottoms of their feet, their nose, and under the fur will be a yellowish color. This is usually a cause of liver problems.
If you can post a pic for us to see, we might have a better idea of what your seeing.
If she is acting strange, or you feel that something is not quite right, please bring her in for a vets opinion.

#430311 - 12/08/07 12:59 PM Re: What causes Jaundce? [Re: LSardou]
USMom Offline
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Linda gave a very good description. Here are two pics, one is scent gland staining. The other is jaundice in a very sick glider. Jaundice affects the skin. Staining affects the fur.
I don't have any pics of pouch staining, sorry!

Spandex & Sugar.JPG (62 downloads)
Tucker.jpg (55 downloads)

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#430599 - 12/09/07 12:42 AM Re: What causes Jaundce? [Re: USMom]
Dazzle Offline
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Wow the difference is very apparent. Thank you for those helpful photos!
Brizzie, LuLu, Skittles & Saphire

#430646 - 12/09/07 03:54 AM Re: What causes Jaundce? [Re: LSardou]

LSardou, I am currently having issues with my home PC. I have been working solely off of my laptop from work at home. I don't have a place for my memory card on it. I have a pretty good pic of Spice's belly but can't upload it until my home PC is fixed. I will post the pic in a new thread as soon as possible.


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