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#43031 - 04/11/05 03:07 PM tent escape

So I've got a tent I use for tent time for the little ones and a tear occured on the side seam attaching the tent to the floor. Well my little guy Geronimo sniffed it out- or created it- and soon enough was out and on his way through my condo. Well I fixed the hole and have put them back in the tent, but now Geronimo just runs around the edges looking for the hole and tearing/biting at spots to make himself a new escape tunnel. Anyone else run across this problem? Any ideas on how to stop him from doing this and tearing up the tent? I've got plenty of stuff for them to run around on and play in there and it's kept him busy up until he found this way out. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />

#43032 - 04/11/05 03:13 PM Re: tent escape [Re: Sabrina]

I'm sorry your story just made me laugh! I havent had that problem, but I'm sure if my guy every found his way out he would try to do it again. They are so smart!

#43033 - 04/11/05 03:52 PM Re: tent escape [Re: Janie]

I've never had that problem... I think I'd try to line the inside of the cage with fabric... like fleece or something.. might sound kinda hard.. but, if you sew fabric over the seams... then G (sorry.. I call everyone I know that has a name starting with a g.. "G".. its a habbit)can't get to the seams to tear at them.. other people may have a different solution but, this is what comes to my mind as a simple solution

#43034 - 04/11/05 05:47 PM Re: tent escape [Re: ]

Yeah well it was pretty funny- cause I had gotten out of the tent to talk to the girlfriend as she went to bed real quick- I get ready to head back and hear noises in the bedroom --he's running around in there. I catch him and go back and the tent's zipped tight. How'd he get out? So I put him in and watch him climb on out of his new little hole. My place is Glider proofed, so I wasn't too worried, I now knew what needed to be fixed. So I go to the bedroom to close the door (since he's running free) and say goodnight. I close the door behind me and then hear the girlfriend yell at me that he was back in there again. Sucker had snuck right by me while I had the door opened 6 inches. Had to go bribe him with some goodies to get him out of there.

#43035 - 04/11/05 10:40 PM Re: tent escape [Re: Sabrina]
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Walmart has some "Parka Patch" it is a nylon patch that has a very strong adhesive on one side. I used some to patch a vinal bean bag chair and the patch lasted longer then the chair did with my kid jumping on it all the time. It would be back in the sewing department. It is a package about 5x7 inches. That MIGHT work to go along the seams on the inside of the tent.
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#43036 - 04/11/05 10:45 PM Re: tent escape [Re: ]

We are not sure if it would be bad for gliders, but do you know about Biter Apple Spray? We use on our bunny to stop biting at things, and it worked great. If you decide you want this, you can find it at PetsMart.


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