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#43128 - 04/12/05 10:08 AM Triplets - and coloured gliders

One of my pairs had triplets recently, one died but the others are fit and healthy. It was this females first breed - she's one that we bred last year. Does anyone have any experience of triplets - does the third normally die, is my female likely to have more triplets - or does it not happen often?

Also (to save opening another thread!) all the colours you have over in the states, (I know this will probably sound dumb) but how do you start? Ahem, from a pair of standard grey's - how would they breed something different? Do you have to breed offspring to parent? I'm just curious as we don't have the different colours in the Uk, and I don't really want to import one from the US - it'd be far too stressful for the glider!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />

#43129 - 04/12/05 11:30 AM Re: Triplets - and coloured gliders [Re: ozzi]

You typically can't get other colors from standard greys. You also don't want to breed the babies to the parents as incest can cause some bad genetic problems.
Unfortunately the only way to get them would be to find a way to buy them. I know that isn't what you wanted to hear but maybe the availability of colored gliders will change in your country in the future.

#43130 - 04/12/05 11:33 AM Re: Triplets - and coloured gliders [Re: ]

Oh sorry missed talking about the triplet thing. I am sorry you lost a little one. That is very hard.
Sometimes one is lost due to not having enough milk available for all three or something like that. It would probably be more common in first time mothers. Just check on the other two to make sure they are getting to nurse and that mom isn't hurting them.

#43131 - 04/12/05 03:38 PM Re: Triplets - and coloured gliders [Re: ]

With triplets it is common for the mother to reject the joey and for it to die. Triplets occur only about 1% of the time. They are rare and difficult to care for, count yourself luck to have had triplets. Twins are the most common and occur about 66% of the time, and single births occur about 33% of the time. I remember reading these figures some where but cannot quote the source.

You can only produce colors if:
1) The genes are part of the genetic make up of the glider at birth


2) If the parents acquire a chance mutation or purposeful engineering (by insertion of new genetic material) that can be passes along genetically.

It is not reasonable to wait and too expensive to engineer. The best be is to buy a glider with the line of color that you desire to breed.


#43132 - 04/13/05 01:12 AM Re: Triplets - and coloured gliders [Re: ]
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Dexter and Dixie had triplets their first time. I was so surprised as I was told back then that triplets were almost unheard of. I even had someone call me a liar when I told him I had triplets! He actually told me that it was physically impossible for a glider to have more then twins. (they can physically have up to 4 although I have never heard of quads) I had to take the triplets in for him to see just to rub his nose in it. (He considered himself an expert and breeder! hummmpfff) I was very blessed and all three survived. Their next was a single and then twins and they rotated between singles and twins but never had another set of triplets. While I am saddened that there was never another set of triplets, I am so happy that all of their joeys have been very healthy.
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#43133 - 04/13/05 04:22 AM Re: Triplets - and coloured gliders [Re: ]

ok, thanks for your replies, the other two are absolutely fine <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />. The coloured's thing - I wasn't sure if it was a 'mutant' gene, but I was told that colour mutations were through in breeding - I wasn't keen on that idea anyway as the gene pool weakens. We do have a youngster that is different to the standard greys, but not we're sure what she is, she's very pale all over - I don't even think you could call her grey, and she has a very pale face - I'll have to get a photo at the weekend and see what you think! She's gorgeous whether she's different or not <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />, but it would be nice to have a coloured glider.


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