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#431347 - 12/10/07 12:34 PM Best way to teach not to bite?

So, what is considered the best way to teach a glider not to bite?

Do you just endure it and hope it stops? Do you yell when they bite? Do you tap them on the head when they bite?



#431353 - 12/10/07 12:39 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ]
ssdreamsicles Offline
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Registered: 05/10/07
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Loc: kentucky
The best way to get them to stop biting is licky treats. Put some apple sauce or yogurt on your finger and offer that to them. When they go to bite they will get somthing good. Keep doing this and eventualy u will earn there trust and they will no longer be looking for your finger to bite but to lick. Never yell and a glider or hit it in anyways. They will not understand not to mention it is mean. They are little tiny things.

#431368 - 12/10/07 01:20 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ssdreamsicles]
Kiiru Offline
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Registered: 07/10/07
Posts: 2969
Loc: Syracuse, NY
The best thing to do is just to take the bite. Try to refrain from making any twitches (even a slight one) or pulling away. If you do, they'll realize that all they have to do is bite you to get you to do or not do something.

How long have you had your glider for? There are many reasons why they bite and different ways to sort of avoid getting bitten. If he's scared (or still new) he'll bite out of fear...or, if you have something good smelling on your skin like fruit, meal worms, etc. he'll think it's food so he'll bite it. Then of course, gliders go through their "teen" years where they explore their world by tasting it by bitting/nipping. ( probably already knew this...just in case you didn't)

Do you wash your hands well with unscented soap before handling them? I'd try that. Just make sure you never hit, toss, or blow in their face! They are emotional little critters and as you can tell, it takes them a while to trust you. If you do that to them, they'll most likely start to fear you and not realize that what they're doing is bad. What you could also try doing is giving him a stern "No!" when he bites or goes to bite, or making the "psst" noise when he bites which basically means "what are you doing?"

Oh, they're sap suckers so if you offer a licky treat, he will bite down when it's close to being gone to get more out so make sure you take your finger away before it's almost all gone.

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#431388 - 12/10/07 01:51 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: Kiiru]

Mine don't bite because they're scared, just because they're curious and are nibbling (they don't bite hard, but it still hurts) so I started saying "No" when they bit and now Luna doesn't bite anymore just licks.

#431397 - 12/10/07 02:19 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ]

Thanks for the comments.

In response, I don't yet have a glider but plan to have 2 young ones by the end of the week. ... So I'm just learning all I can to plan ahead.

I didn't think yelling or smacking would work, but I couldn't imagine what else people would be doing to get the point across to them! ... Purposely tempting them with licky treats sounds adventurous!

#431398 - 12/10/07 02:22 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ]

I use a small puff of air and a strong, NO. It seems to work wonders...

#432347 - 12/11/07 06:19 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ]
BarkinMarsupial Offline
Glider Explorer

Registered: 10/29/07
Posts: 303
Loc: Alagaesia
I've been trying to take the bites and saying NO sternly, but it hasn't been working. So last night, I got some applesauce and Uluru loved it and it really seemed to work, but Mirrhi took one taste and didn't want any more at all. It does work, as long as the glider likes the treat, I guess.
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#432359 - 12/11/07 06:33 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: BarkinMarsupial]

I use the PSST!! sound and it works every time.

#432731 - 12/12/07 08:00 AM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ]
melek007 Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 01/03/07
Posts: 3874
Loc: Eastern NC
"PSST" works for me too.
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#432929 - 12/12/07 03:03 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: melek007]
PangolinsZoo Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 11/06/07
Posts: 145
Loc: Ohio
Try using the "psst" sound. It's the sound that their parents make when they are young and that they use with each other to say "hey, cut it out!" or "no!". My two recognized what it meant right away, and got the point about biting. Now they only taste me when I have something yummy on my hands.
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#433048 - 12/12/07 05:50 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: PangolinsZoo]

I also found that if you stop by their cage peek in and talk to them that helps. That way they can get used to your face and your voice. Also, keep trying different treats till you find one that they love. Another great side effect of licky treats is when they get it all over their face in the attempt of biting you. It's incredibly cute esp with the suprised look they give you when they find something tasty.

#433078 - 12/12/07 06:58 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ]

I say the "psst" sound. If they keep it up, I move my hand, and it distracts them so they do not do it.

#433141 - 12/12/07 09:20 PM Re: Best way to teach not to bite? [Re: ]
SugarBlossoms Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/23/06
Posts: 5830
Loc: USA
The only thing you accomplish by "taking the bite" is letting the glider know it's okay to bite you. Biting hurts and it can hurt BAD! I have been bitten to the extent of flesh being ripped with blood pouring and getting an infection from it. Said glider is a sweetheart now after years of love and getting neutered.

The spttttt sound and a firm low NO I found is best. If your glider keeps biting, put him/her back into the cage and walk away. Try again in 15 or so minutes. This works pretty well as they don't like to be put away from you.

When feeding licky treats, if your gliders start to bite, tell them firmly NO and remove your hand slowly and add more licky treat. Always look at your glider in his/her eyes when speaking so they know you are talking to THEM.

Good luck and Congrats on getting your new babies soon!
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God speed my precious angels. I love you. Mama.


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