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#43299 - 04/14/05 04:00 AM A way to convince them to wake up? =(

Wasn't sure whether this should go here or in bonding...

I really didn't want to try mucking with my babies' sleep schedules.. but despite the fact they're very happy to take treats from me and climb into their bonding pouch when I offer it, my babies are getting up later and later and later.

It's 3:45am, and they JUST got up. I can't stay up this late every night to play with them, night person or not! =(

I offer them treats in the bathroom with the pouch on my lap earlier in the night, and they happily take the treats- and promptly go back to bed. I can't get them to come out and play, they're not ready to do much at all until about .5-1 hour after they wake up 'naturally'..

Which means I haven't gotten to do much besides dispensing treats, and petting them while they're snuggled in their pouch. If I scoop one out of the pouch, I get crabbed at and then they instantly leap to go back in and sleep.

I swear it's like they deliberately wait for me to go to bed before playing! Does anyone have any ideas on how I might coax them to wake up a little earlier? Even midnight would be wonderful- but 4am is just too late =/ I'm getting the tent finally on Friday, and should have it set up Saturday, but unless they start waking up before 3am, I'll almost never get to use it with them <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/needhug.gif" alt="" />

Well, unless I go to bed at like, 6pm and wake up at 4am myself, which doesn't seem viable either.. I love my suggies but I didn't want to give up all my friends and social time with humans for them! =/

So.. anyone have any ideas for getting them on a different schedule? Or think they'll 'grow out' of this? As I noted in my previous post about their sleeping habits, I have no idea how old they are...

#43300 - 04/14/05 05:27 AM Re: A way to convince them to wake up? =( [Re: ]

i bet it will get better with age (if they are young) but i do have one suggestion, leave the light on in the room their in all day and start turning it off at a certain time each evening that way they think its night and gradually get used to waking up at lights-out time.
another suggestion that may be good for you is if they get out of bed at 3-4am what time do they go to sleep, if they are still up at 6 or 7 am maybe you could try playing with them in the morning instead. hope this helps.

#43301 - 04/14/05 05:37 AM Re: A way to convince them to wake up? =( [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"]When you stay awake waiting for them to wake up, do you keep any lights on? If so, they may be waiting for it to get dark. I find that even the light of the computer monitor will sometimes keep them from getting up. Try turning out the lights in their room right after you feed them, then check on them in a half-hour (don't turn on the lights in their room). They may be awake & eating at that point...
If they're already in the dark (no pun intended), then I would try turning on bright lights in their room during daylight hours to try to maximize their sleeping times. Maybe then when it's dark, they'll be ready to come out & play with you. Other than that, I'm not sure what to do. Hopefully somebody will come along with more suggestions for you.
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#43302 - 04/14/05 09:53 AM Re: A way to convince them to wake up? =( [Re: ]
jacknsally Offline
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I just wake them up myself. Around 7-8 pm. If they are not up and running around we just take them out. At first I give them a few minutes in the pouch and then take the pouch away. Once we get in the tent & have a few mealies they are up and running around not wanting to sleep. After about 45mins I can see they are ready for some rest(looking to snuggle with each other or under blankies). I also take them out of the pouch miday once or twice for about 30mins for some bonding. They don't seem to be bothered.
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#43303 - 04/14/05 11:05 AM Re: A way to convince them to wake up? =( [Re: ]

Mine were doing the same thing as yours and the way that helps me a bit is to leave a window uncovered in the room or turn the lights on early in the morning (dawnish) and they will usually go to their pouch and sleep when it gets too bright. An earlier bedtime could mean them getting up a little earlier.

#43304 - 04/15/05 01:22 PM Re: A way to convince them to wake up? =( [Re: ]

Same here, so long as my gliders go to bed early enough, they're up earlier at night. (kind of like us I guess...late nights = late mornings <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/evil.gif" alt="" />) I either make sure the blinds are open so they see the sun coming up, or I turn a light on around 7 a.m. I also make sure that there are no lights on in the room after 7 p.m. After a few weeks of doing this, waking them up with treats, and putting their food out ealier, my boys get up about 9 p.m. instead of 1 a.m. Much better for me, and them, because now they get a few hours more playtime! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/multi.gif" alt="" />

#43305 - 04/15/05 01:30 PM Re: A way to convince them to wake up? =( [Re: ]

Well, my babies are in a big room that is FULL of windows- though they aren't in direct sunlight.

Going to bed early and getting up with the gliders is seeming the only option. Despite the obvious difference to them between daylight and night time, they woke up at 5am last night and apparently were up til 8am this morning ><;

I HATE going to bed early! Argh! LOL... that's why I loved suggies, they kept the same hours I do.. or so I thought before I got this trio! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />


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