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#434917 - 12/15/07 09:07 PM Moving with gliders to EU, France

Hi everyone, this is my first real post here. My name is Arity, and I have two lovely babies that I've had for a little over a year; they'll be three in April.

I was wondering if anyone knew what the laws were regarding moving gliders from the States to either England or France. I'd like to either study abroad there or move in a couple years' time, but not if I can't take my gliders with me!

I've seen varying results as far as quarantine, etc., go, and the official EU statement regarding pets says nothing about marsupials: they list ferrets, rabbits, and rodents, though.

Additionally, though this isn't "official," per se, what is the consensus on actually moving the gliders? If I made sure to take a flight while they were sleeping, would that work out? Do international flights allow you to take them on the airplane? Do gliders get airsick?!

Thank you!


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#434931 - 12/15/07 09:30 PM Re: Moving with gliders to EU, France [Re: ]

it would definitely better for you to take a flight that is during the day because they will be less stressed while they are sleeping..

As far as what you need to actually bring them over seas, i really can't help MUCH.. i found a website called and it has a section on exotic pets. There is a organization called CITIES and it says that if your pet is listed on that list, that you would need a permit. Sugar Gliders were listed on there, but when i searched for information for bringing them into france, i found nothing.. It's kind of a confusing website though..

I wish i was more help.. all i know is that when traveling in the states, there are NO airlines who will let you bring the gliders in cabin with you..

#434961 - 12/15/07 10:09 PM Re: Moving with gliders to EU, France [Re: ]
princessmegi Offline
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More than likely there will be a quarantine period. For some countries that is 30 days, but for some it is 6 months. That means your gliders will have to stay in quarantine with the government until the time period is up.

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#434973 - 12/15/07 10:17 PM Re: Moving with gliders to EU, France [Re: princessmegi]
sugarlope Offline
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To add to Megan's comment, when/if you come back, they will have to go through quarantine again to enter the US. worried And they will not let you carry them on with you on the flight.
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