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#4369 - 12/03/02 02:12 PM A Very Exciting First Night

Last night I brought home my first sugar gliders. Twin girls named Luna and Sidra. I got these girls from Judie. At her house we had a great time. We were in the bathroom and I handled both of them with little nipping and some crabbing. Then I took them home. I took them into the bathroom to bond with them. One little girl is very friendly. She crabs a little but loves to be held and petted. The other little girl is the total opposite. She only wants to run around and nips hard if you try to hold her. I let her out of the pouch for bonding first. She wouldn't stay in my hands so I let her explore the bathroom. I thought it was glider proof. I watched her skamper around the bottom of the cabnets. She stopped at the corner, looked at me, and then disappeared! There was a hole where the cabnet connects to the wall! I was so scared. I didnt know if she could escape into the walls or what. I tried to stay calm...thinking that she would come back out but she didnt. When I finally relized she wouldnt come out I started screaming for my boyfriend. I quickly picked up my cell and tried to call Judie but her line was busy. My boyfriend came into the bathroom and began tapping the inside of the cabnet trying to scare her out but I knew that wouldnt work...Out of frustration I screamed at him, shoved him out the bathroom door, and locked it behind him. I sat there for a moment, with all the worst possible ideas rushing through my head of what she could be getting into, eating, breathing...The more I heared her scratch around all over in there the more nervous I got. I called the fire dept, the only place I could think of to get help because everything else was closed. The lady kinda laughed which at the time made me mad but now I understand because I was so scared, nervous, and confused I bet I sounded crazy when I was know, that kinda voice you get when your really nervous and about to cry. The operator just told me the only thing they could do is rip out the cabnets...I quickly told her I'd call her back and hung up the not sure why exactly. I again tried Judie and the line was still busy. I sat there thinking of ways that I might be able to tear apart the cabnet where it could be fixed easily. Then I thought about how they didnt like light. I turned the lights out, lit a candle so I could see a little bit, covered my finger with applesause, and stuck it up the hole. Not long after I felt her lick the apple sauce off. I kept doing it each time moving my finger father out of the hole so that she would come out. I removed my finger to dip it in the applesauce again and when I went to the hole she had already came out. I stood really still and I could here her sister in the pouch making faint noises. The both started talking and she moved father away from the whole. I turned on the light and covered the hole with my hand and tried to pick her up with my free hand. She ran around all over the place crabbing at me. I finally got ahold of her and went to put her back in the pouch but it was zipped. She began biting me hard and quick over and over but didnt drawl blood. I unzipped the pouch as quickly as I could and put her in. I sat there for a minute shaking uncontrolably, heartbeat racing. Slowly stood up, took a couple of deep breaths and walked out of the bathroom pouch in hand announcing to everyone "I got her!". I put them both in the cage and sat down watching them. A little after I called Judie and wouldn't you know...her line was free...and told her what happend. She told me what I could do in the future if something like that was to happen again, answered a couple of questions, and I went to bed...shaking...for like an Now Ive relized my place is not as glider proof as I had thought and I have more to look for.

#4370 - 12/03/02 02:33 PM Re: A Very Exciting First Night [Re: Paula0442]

Glad she is safe and sound. Remember if there is a space your fingers can fit under/in, more than likely they can fit under/in it. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" /> Good to hear all is well. I'm happy my first night of owning my gliders wasn't that exciting/scary now. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="images/icons/wink.gif" />

#4371 - 12/03/02 02:44 PM Re: A Very Exciting First Night [Re: ]

That exact same thing happened to me!!!! the first night i brought mr sanders home i tried to pat him in the bathroom and he disappeared under the sink. after about 3 hours of waiting and trying to lure, my roomate came home and tried to hammer a hole in the cabinet, and he POPPED OUT! to run away, but i caught him.

so everybody is always like, oh the bathroom is a good place to try and first get to bonding but I personally think it is a BAD idea because nobody thinks to look under the sink.

LOOK UNDER THE SINK!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="images/icons/wink.gif" />

#4372 - 12/04/02 07:00 AM Re: A Very Exciting First Night [Re: ]

I'm so glad she's safe!

#4373 - 12/04/02 08:28 AM Re: A Very Exciting First Night [Re: ]

Good thing you found her!

#4374 - 12/04/02 03:31 PM Re: A Very Exciting First Night [Re: ]

wow that scary! i remember the first week I had milo, he escaped into my room, and only 4 weeks earlier had i lost my beloved basil. i was completely [censored] out, crying and everything, i had my friend come over, and the entire house hold trying to find him, we finally found him and he was okay, just dusty and scared, oh and sneezing. i know exactly how scared you are when they get loose, thank god you got your little girl back safe!

#4375 - 12/04/02 04:33 PM Re: A Very Exciting First Night [Re: ]

Im so glad you found her!!! sounds like you guys had quite some time! When I first brought Romeo home he escaped in my moms bedroom and it took about a hour for me to get him because he kept on going under the bed and under the dresser under the bed and under the dresser and playing all these games with me, except he was tame. You did a great job of catching her too! See you around the board! <img border="0" alt="thumb" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />

#4376 - 12/04/02 04:47 PM Re: A Very Exciting First Night [Re: ]
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