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#43782 - 04/21/05 07:13 PM crabbing in sleeping pouch

Okay so I have only had my little girl for just over 24 hrs. When she is not in her sleeping pouch she is pretty calm, does not crab and lets me pet her. As soon as she gets in her sleeping pouch she starts crabbing like crazy and you can't get near her or she will lunge and try to bite. Is she just being protective of her pouch or is it because she can not see me and just [censored] out?

#43783 - 04/21/05 11:25 PM Re: crabbing in sleeping pouch [Re: ]
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Right now that pouch is her safety place. As she learns to trust you and becomes more bonded and feels more secure, much of the pouch protectiveness should dimenish. Although some never get over being pouch proctive. Just give her time to settle in and she should be fine.
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#43784 - 04/22/05 12:15 AM Re: crabbing in sleeping pouch [Re: ]

My Jeepers is pouch protective too. Exactly as you described. I've had her about 2 1/2 months, and had about decided to accept that she was just going to be that way. But I still decided to continue carrying her around with me. But lately I've been able to reach in a few times and pet her without any crabbing, lunging or biting. I think she may still get better!

So there's definitely hope for yours, especially since it's so early. She may not end up even really being pouch protective like Jeeps. It may just be a matter of settling in, and go away after a few days or weeks.

#43785 - 04/22/05 07:46 AM Re: crabbing in sleeping pouch [Re: ]

For the first week my twins were very pouch protectie.Well, not so much that but that was their safety place. After that they started calming down alot and i could pet them in their and even pick them up out of their. Some will take alot longer to get use to you...
Sugar is still prettypouch protective but he is getting better. I can pet him as long as he sees me first but i still can't just pick him up yet. I know it wil get better it has not been a month since i got him..

#43786 - 04/22/05 02:18 PM Re: crabbing in sleeping pouch [Re: ]

Thank you for the reassurance, its so funny because you just look at her in her pouch and she gets crabby. I managed to get her into her bonding pouch with only one bite and she has stayed in it all day with me so far!

#43787 - 04/23/05 09:57 AM Re: crabbing in sleeping pouch [Re: ]

When you put your hand in the pouch try not to jerk it out when she lunges. When I got Simon 3 wks ago he lunged at me when in the pouch. I jerked my hand out b/c he looked pretty scary for such a little guy. Finally I looked away, left my hand in there, and waited for a bite. He didn't actually bite. He started exploring my hand. Got used to the fact that it usually came with treats. Now he lets me do whatever with him when in his pouch and only crabs if I startle him. I handle him in his pouch for a while before I transfer him to a bonding pouch, so he gets used to hands in his pouch.

#43788 - 04/27/05 10:35 PM Re: crabbing in sleeping pouch [Re: ]

She is getting a little better, today after about an hour of holding the pouch with her inside she finally let me reach in and pet her for about an hour, I feel like it is such a break thru!

#43789 - 04/28/05 06:00 AM Re: crabbing in sleeping pouch [Re: ]

Any progress is good progress!!! =)


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