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#43986 - 04/23/05 11:13 PM At my wit's end with introductions.

I've posted before about having trouble getting two gliders to bond. That was two months ago, and there is still no headway at all.

They are two female gliders. Gina is a year and a half. Jeff is eight months old. (Jeff is female.) Both are well bonded to me. Their cages are very close together (though not within reaching distance).

This is what I've done so far:

1) Quarenteened Jeff for the thirty days after I brought her home.
2) Put Jeff's cage right next to Ginas.
3) Waited a week before trying to introduce them.
4) Switched their pouches every other night.
5) First introductions: Gina chased Jeff around the spare bathroom (which neither of them had ever been in before) for a good few minutes, trying to grab her. Jeff did NOT stop running the whole time, so I returned them both to their cages.
6) I didn't try introductions for a while, but continued switching thier pouches every other night.
7) Next introduction--I tried using vanilla extract this time. No luck.

I've been doing this since JANUARY--switching pouches every other night, introductions with vanilla extract about once a week. Gina chases Jeff, Jeff runs and runs.

I modified one of my bonding tank tops so that it has two separate pouches with snaps across the top. On the weekends, I wear them both in it. Last weekend, Gina poked her head out as I was snapping Jeff's side, and Jeff popped her head up, too, and Gina BIT Jeff in the face. It was terrible. So I know Gina's not just eager to play--she's attacking.

I spend a good hour and a half in the bathroom every night with each of them (which adds up to about three hours or more a night in the bathroom), but I don't know if I can take it anymore. My room bedroom is glider proofed, but I can't let either of them out in there because they both are drawn to the other's cage and then there's chasing and crabbing and just general STRESS for them AND me.

I'm starting to dread night time, now. I need HELP. Maybe I just need encouragement. Last time I posted, it didn't seem like anyone else had had a glider who just wouldn't bond with a new glider. Am I the only one with this problem? What do I DO?

Thank you so much.

#43987 - 04/23/05 11:21 PM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]
Karin Offline
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Boy o boy...I really don't wish to say this, but sounds as if you have done everything, and everything the right way. There are some glider's that just will NOT get along, and it sounds like this may be your situation unfortunately. I hope someone that has been in this situation comes along to offer some advice, because I just do not know what to tell you to do at this point <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />.

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#43988 - 04/23/05 11:43 PM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]
minkasmom Offline
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First question: Have you had one of them longer than the other? There is obviously conflict between them about "that other glider, the intruder". Second question: do you change clothes between your 90-minute sessions? DON'T. Alternate back & forth who gets first "dibs" to play w/ you every night. Then put #1 away & get #2 out---yes, she'll sniff & scratch & re-mark you on each & every place that #1 did. But that may help them both blend their smells with YOU in the long run. Your goal is for both girls to recognize each other's smells....maybe you need to be the catalyst in the middle?

Give up on the vanilla extract; it's not working.

I can't explain exactly WHY one glider is so drawn to the other's cage, but I have the same thing happening. I have 2 separate families in 2 separate cages at opposite ends of the room. It seems that their favorite playtime game is "Jump on the Other's Cage"...yes, there's crabbing & chasing EVERY NIGHT! My solution to that is to pick up the offending dancer on the OUTSIDE & distract them to something else...I have a third cage in the room used for "isolation" purposes, and EVERYBODY loves to play in it...if you can find a CHEAP parrot cage at a garage sale, this may be your solution, too! Put a smelly pouch from each of them in there, & make this a "neutral point" to start working from. Allow each girl in that cage for awhile, then back to their own. See if that may help.

I wish you lots and lots of luck!! Your hands are definitely full!
Minkasmom (Papillon Kisses)
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#43989 - 04/23/05 11:59 PM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]

sounds like Gina is an alpha. I agree with Karin, it is just not possible to put the two together without one being attacked by the other. I am so sorry that it is not working out for you. Perhaps it is best that the two females are kept separate. I cannot think of any other possible solutions, as you have done everything right.


#43990 - 04/24/05 03:13 PM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]

Minkasmom--Thank you so much for the suggestions. I'll try this for another month at least and see if there's any progress, and I'll work on building a third neutral cage ASAP. I really appreciate it.

Karin and Jen--Thank you very much for the support. It helps me come to terms with the fact that the girls may never be friends. I'll try Minkasmom's ideas, and if that doesn't work then I will accept that I have two separate gliders to love--I guess that means more love from each of them for me, right?

If anyone else has any suggestions, I'm surely open to hearing them!!

#43991 - 04/24/05 03:26 PM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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With their cages side by side, have you tried draping a sheet over both of them to help trap in their scents? Or tried swaping cages instead of just pouches? I wish I had more to offer. Best of luck and let us know how it is (or isn't) going.
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#43992 - 04/25/05 02:58 AM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]

Thank you very much! I have switched their cages from time to time, though not regularly. I'll add this to our routine, as well as the sheet idea.


#43993 - 04/25/05 05:21 PM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]

I had a similar situation between two sisters in the same family. I finally had to separate them. It turns out they were both alpha females. Once the "runner" had her own space and a boyfriend, she took on the dominant role in her family. Both were happier that way. In the wild I'm guessing the "runner" would have been forced out of her family to start a new one, as a means of ensuring the cotinuation of strong genes, tho I'm only guessing.

#43994 - 04/26/05 11:09 AM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]

The alpha female thing definately plays a role in cohabitation. I have twins who don't get along with one of my rescues. Confusia wants to be friends and barks and hisses and clicks up a storm and Skittles just tries to chase her away. I think what it is is that Playto (Confusia's sister) is alpha and Skittles is alpha so Confusia wants to get along with everyone and Skittles won't have any of it.

That is how it goes sometimes. sounds like you got two alpha girls there. Hope you find a way to work it out!

#43995 - 04/26/05 12:46 PM Re: At my wit's end with introductions. [Re: ]

I actually have a female that doesn't get along with anyone but her glider hubby. I have tried everything to help her accept the other but I have finally given up. I just keep them apart. Its just the way Molly is. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />


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