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#44070 - 04/24/05 08:59 PM RED MEAT?

I know red meat is a no no. Why? It seems to me it would be an excellent source of protein. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />

#44071 - 04/24/05 11:44 PM Re: RED MEAT? [Re: ]

I think red meat contains too much phosphorus, but I'm not totally sure.

#44072 - 04/25/05 12:01 AM Re: RED MEAT? [Re: ]

Well, no meat is really going to have a good calcium:phosphorus ratio, that's why people need to supplement the calcium. There are 2 main reasons I can think of why gliders (or people, for that matter) should limit red meat intake.

1 is obvious, red meat has more fat and cholesterol than white meat. 2 is a little bit more subtle- red meat makes your poo and BO smell more. Most people don't mind or care, but with sugar gliders and other pets where you don't bathe them every day, and their poo doesn't get flushed down the toilet every time they make it, the odor is quite a bit more noticeable.

#44073 - 04/25/05 12:20 AM Re: RED MEAT? [Re: ]

I may be guessing here but..

red meats take a certain digestive enzyme to process. Nowhere do gliders in the wild get red meat. Poultry yes but nothing red. In humans, if they go vegetarian or no red meat at all, have a very hard time eating red meat after a while because the body stops producing the enzyme needed in the amounts needed.

A sketchy random thought process. Pardon if it makes no sense.

Oh and mage, actually there is a diet for cats that is 90% meats.. red and otherwise.. and their litter boxes smell almost nonexistent compared to cat food tdiets hat you buy from the pet store. The smell is all in the way the body processes and cats are naturally carnivores. (when was the last time you saw a cat or dog picking peas or pulling carrots or gathering wheat. Ugh I hate commercials for pet food.. oh pardon the rant)

Edited by Zayrah (04/25/05 12:24 AM)

#44074 - 04/25/05 09:30 PM Re: RED MEAT? [Re: ]

Not gonna argue the red meat point, but...... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/offtopic.gif" alt="" /> The dog I grew up with LOVED fruits and veggies. She would pull
grapes off my parent's grape arbor and suck on the raspberries on the raspberry bushes (she figured out that the ripe ones came off easier). We have pictures of her chewing on a pumpkin in the garden and if you opened a banana she would come running from where ever she was in the house!
Not common behavior, but it CAN happen <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#44075 - 04/26/05 08:21 AM Re: RED MEAT? [Re: ]

red meat is very hard to digest and even some humans can't eat it without side effects (not just those not used to it).. for an animal that never eats it in the wild I wouldn't suggest it... and I don't have my gliders yet...


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