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#44249 - 04/27/05 01:54 AM IS SHE BORED?

This is a really long post, so sorry if I ramble. I got Lana a little about two months ago and everything is going great. I just made great progress with bonding with her. I just had a comment/question, maybe someone can help. when I open the door to my room at night(usually the lights are off) I can hear Lana start moving around the cage, so obviously she was awake. When I get near the cage, she usually takes a few steps toward me and lets me say hi to her. Most when I try to pick her up and take her out, she tries to jump back into the cage. So if I let her, then she usually goes into one of the corners on the bottom of the cage, or goes on one of her perches toward the back. Then she just sits there and doesn't move a muscle. She'll let me pet her, but she doesnt move at all. So then I'll sit down at the computer to check e-mail or whatever and then I'll turn around like 20 minutes later, and shes still stitting in the same spot, in the same posisiton. Sometimes she just sits on the side, upside down or whatever. I'm just wondering if she's still a little scared of me and is afraid to move and thats why she doesn't move or if shes just really bored. I have a few toys in there and I'm gonna pick up some more tomorrow and maybe a little hamster ball to let her run around my room. Has anyone had a glider that just sat there and seemed bored with life? lol. She was doing it tonight so I tooke her out and put her in my shirt and she fell asleep. So maybe she just feels more comfortable playing around her cage in the dark and when I have the lights on in my room, she doesnt know what to do. She loves tent time so I know that shes active and likes to play. I think she might just be scared or something but I dont know. Anyone have any opinions/comments? I know that was a long post so I'd like to thank all of you who read the whole thing. Any comments would be appreciated. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

#44250 - 04/27/05 02:09 AM Re: IS SHE BORED? [Re: ]

well she may be frightend of the light. Maybe you still have some odd daily smell on your hands, not saying you stink but you know. Is she a singleton? they are social animals and if she isnt getting the cuddle time she wants during sleeping time then she is getting it during playtime. if she is a singleton i would suggest getting a playmate. You may have the time now to play with her but can you honestly say what your schedule will be like 10-15 years down the road? but thats just me. i have chronic glider syndrome and have a quota of people i have to inflict it with every day.

#44251 - 04/27/05 02:20 AM Re: IS SHE BORED? [Re: ]

I have two gliders- one boy and one girl. My boy is really active and loving, but my girl tends to do some of the behavior you're describing...she'll just hang out on the side of the cage and look like a statue for a long time. Other times she'll play, etc., so I'm not sure what the deal is. I also think it may be light-related because she tends to do this when I have the lights on, then "wakes up" when they're off. Hope this is nice to hear of someone else whose glider does this!
Take care,
Katey, Petrie, and Priscilla

#44252 - 04/27/05 07:55 AM Re: IS SHE BORED? [Re: ]

One of my gliders does that whenever anyone besides me comes into the same room that she is in I think it is because she is scared of them. She also used to do that whenI turned on a really bright light but she is starting to get used to haveing the lights on for a little bit now.

#44253 - 04/27/05 12:51 PM Re: IS SHE BORED? [Re: ]
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It sounds like it could be light related. Try a dimmer light or even a red or blue light. Something that lets you see without being to bright for your glider.
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#44254 - 04/27/05 01:01 PM Re: IS SHE BORED? [Re: ]
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I think I agree with the light thing… when I walk into my glider room and turn the over head light on they tend to scramble around at first and then seem to get that “dear in headlights’ look where one or two will just freeze, I too have found using a blue light seems to not surprise then as much.
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#44255 - 04/29/05 12:53 AM Re: IS SHE BORED? [Re: ]

thanks everyone. it definitely was the light. i turned them off and sat at my computer and two minutes later she was jumping around and playing with her toys. glad i got that cleared up. and about getting her a playmate, i would love too but my mom would kill me. lol. if i cant give her the time she deserves years from now, then ill make sure she goes to a good home. but for now, im gonna give her the time of her life. Lana is definitely at the top of my priorities.


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