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#44762 - 05/02/05 05:55 AM Hyperness????

I think this is a sily question, but for me, one that needs to be asked...

I've seen pics of gliders in peoples hands, gliders getting tummy rubs, and gliders sleeping in hands. My Toby will have none of that. I try topet him and he lets me, he just doesn't sit still long enough. He for sure won't sit on my hand let alone lay down in it.
We are doing pretty well in every area.
I was just curious. Is it cuz he's still young that he's hyper????
How can i get him used to being in my hand???

Thnaks in advance <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

#44763 - 05/02/05 07:59 AM Re: Hyperness???? [Re: ]

Well, gliders have distinct cycles. When they're fully awake, I doubt many people can get their gliders to stay still for longer than it takes to eat a mealie. I know I certainly can't.

During their sleeping cycle, they're the opposite. My male you can remove from the pouch and hold and move around without waking up ... unless you have food that he smells, then he's up and at-em. My female is a little lighter of a sleeper. When they're SLEEPY they'll often stay very still ... my female is very nice about that. She has moments where she will sit on my arm or shoulder and move very little for hours on end. This is usually immediately before or after sleepy-time.


#44764 - 05/02/05 08:12 AM Re: Hyperness???? [Re: ]

Thats exactly how mine are. So we are on the same page!!!! =)
But is that how they all are????

#44765 - 05/02/05 01:32 PM Re: Hyperness???? [Re: ]

I dont suppose you happen to have a 3 year old child in your house do you?? If not i explain. When they are sleepy they will let you cuddle with them and hold them. But if you stop them from playing to do so then forget any nice words or actions. Playing is more fun than cuddling lets face it. now granted the only place rocky will cuddle is in the tent and thats only a minute. Spiderman will cuddle almost the whole tent time. Try the cuddling when they are sleeping. They may not wake up to notice you cuddling with them but will probably take note of hmmmmm i smell mommy, oh petting feels good

#44766 - 05/03/05 05:58 AM Re: Hyperness???? [Re: ]

Thanks kansas......makes perfectly logical sense.
Much appriciated. =)


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